Monday, March 7, 2016

{slowing down} 7/31 #sol16

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The last seven weeks of
Non-stop, super busy
Craziness of a schedule
For us as
A family.

All the regular routines of life 
And then throw in buying a new home
Preparing our current home to sell
Living in our home in showing condition,
But quickly accepting an offer.

More paperwork and signatures.
A detailed home inspection.
A sigh of relief as we move ahead.
Then the weekend finally arrived.  
And the calendar was (almost) empty. 

Girls hockey on Saturday morning.  
After that the day was ours.
There was nothing scheduled. 
Nowhere to go and nowhere to be.
And we did much of nothing.  

Church on Sunday morning.
After that the day belonged to us.
There was nothing on the calendar.
Just a day to spend time
Hanging out, riding bikes, just being together.

It's just what we needed
To slow down this life
And enjoy it at 
Our home.


  1. You have been busy! So glad you had this time to slow down and enjoy. Your writing reflects the many things that have occupied your time, jumping from one to another, and also the peace you have found in slowing down, and in being HOME.

  2. Staying home, doing nothing is just what you need to regroup and re-energize. That ME time is so important so that we can handle the next hurdle. Taking time to breathe and enjoy makes life's problems so much easier to handle. Love ya, Mom

  3. Oh these are busy times! Enjoy some time to breathe and be!

  4. Living in a home in showing condition is so challenging. Glad your offer came quickly. Perfect that a weekend arrived when the calendar was (almost) empty. Such a treat for you and your family. "Just being together," the best time ever. Is the move coming up soon?

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend! So glad the house was sold because living in it when you are showing all the time is nearly impossible for two adults let alone two adults and two kids! xoxo

  6. Those are the times, those "empty" times, when families are built. They're not built on the go, go, go, but on the slow, slow, slow. Glad you had a few "slow" moments with your family to appreciate this time in your lives.

  7. That was our weekend too. A chance to recover from the busy is always welcome! Hockey ended last weekend, so we got to sleep in (!) and play outside in the sunshine, and have a little fire for roasting marshmallows. Hopefully there will be a few more of these in your future now that the house is sold/bought but before you start moving!

  8. Thank goodness for down time, with nice weather to boot!

  9. I'm glad you got a quiet day! Sounds like you guys needed a break, before you go into the business of moving.

  10. Why do we need to give ourselves permission to slow down? You reminded us how important this is for HOME, for FAMILY. I love how you captured this in your slice!

  11. You needed this slow down. An unscheduled day is one of my favorites.

  12. "Hanging out, riding bikes, just being together..."
    What a happy time for your and your family!


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