Tuesday, March 12, 2013

solsc: gotta write it down 12/31

March Slice of Life Story Challenge 
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My slice-writing so far this challenge has been day-to-day memories and moments.  I've reintroduced myself to my writing notebook that I always carry around with me in my big ole purse.

A writing notebook is helpful, especially during a writing challenge.  It can safely hold onto those memories that can be easily and so quickly forgotten, but are full of life and emotion and story.

Just yesterday morning there was such a moment, thinking to myself, "I want to remember that."

Hours later at lunch, I was staring at a blank page in my writing notebook.

Hmmm . . . I know there was a story.*  I was with the girls.  Was Daddy still there?  Did somebody say something?  Did somebody do something?

Note to writer-self:  Write it down {almost} immediately.  Write anything down to help you remember -- a phrase, a word, a picture -- because life moves on as do the memories.

I bought my current notebook July of 2012.  I have scribbled on maybe 20 pages.  I purchased it because I {loved} the cover:

Keep a journal:  "gotta write it down. . ."  You'll need it in the days to come. Write on!


*Throughout the rest of the day I could not remember the story that I wanted to hold on to until my husband said something that triggered my memory.

"Do you think she'll grow out of this phase of constantly being on the move?  She must get that from me," he said. 

"That's it!  I remember the story now!  Thanks!" I shouted at him as he stared at me in total confusion.

As I was helping P. get dressed this morning, I asked her, "Where do you get these long legs?"  

She looked down at her bare tummy as I was putting on her shirt, and said in all seriousness, "From my belly button."

A moment of words I want to treasure.


  1. Aww - I love this age. :) And I've had many of those - what was it I wanted to write down? - moments. Love that you carry your notebook with you for that. I tend to use my phone in a pinch.

  2. Cute story - glad you remembered it. Where does she come up with these comments? I think maybe we should get a tape recorder to documents things "in the moment." I know I think of a lot of things to write about when I'm walking and by the time I get home, they have left my mind.

  3. I love reading your snippets. It's so true that we think that we will remember and we forget. One of these days in March I'll share some moments with my girls that I remember from when they were little. You are inspiring me to go back to some of them. Thank you!

  4. So cute! Can you see my smile! You are so right about writing things down especially with my memory of late..as usual thanks for the stories that make me smile!

  5. I see why you love your notebook. That awesome cover looks like great writing inspiration. With children our age, there is always something adorable that they are saying that I want to capture and remember. So when my son was little I started a little journal "Michael's funnies" and now that I have my girl I write in "Sweet Kaitlyn" Most of the entries are just a few senetences not really stories but at least it keeps the memories for me. Ususally it is the things I find precious but then totally forget about it in a couple of weeks because so many more precious things have occurred.

  6. I wish I'd kept my notebook close by to jot down those precious moments. Such a sweet response to your question deserves to be noted and read to her later - much later. And read to yourself later too.

  7. YES! I want to keep a record of the silliness that comes from the backseat when my boys are talking to each other - it is so hilarious. Thanks for the reminder to pull out the notebook - I have one, just forgot about it :)

  8. Yes, keep writing about the sayings, and learnings, and moods, and activities, and sweet and funny moments.. I didn't write and I regret. Taking the bits from the notebook and forming them into slices, provides you material for later writing a book of childhood stories.

  9. Like Terje, I never wrote these things down...and always regretted it. Such sweet memories to giggle and smile over later on, Michelle.

  10. Oh...I will write it down...just all over the place...stickies everywhere. I also have multiple notebooks. I need to get one that I just love that can go with me everywhere, including by the nightstand for those wakeful nights. xo

  11. Ooh, I love the cover of your notebook too! What a delightful splattering of writing ideas! I've found myself mostly putting ideas into Evernote, because my computer and my iPod are almost always handy, and then my ideas are synced no matter which device I'm on. I have a real notebook too, but I just haven't gotten into the habit of taking it everywhere with me. (I do have several small notepads scattered all around the house for those fleeting ideas at home though!)

  12. You are so right! I'm digging out the cool notebook I started last summer which got buried on my nightstand once school started. I have been doing the forgetting thing as well and I've lost some great moments. Thanks for the reminder!

  13. You are so right! I'm digging out the cool notebook I started last summer which got buried on my nightstand once school started. I have been doing the forgetting thing as well and I've lost some great moments. Thanks for the reminder!

  14. Love it, & thank your husband who absolutely has no idea he helped-so glad he did. And I love your notebook cover; I would have bought it too! Thanks Michelle, for a big smile!

  15. I love that writer's notebook cover. I agree that there are so many moments that seem like I won't forget but then I do, unless I have done what you suggested and captured it right after it happened. Good luck with trying to document more to capture everyday life.

  16. Love those sweet girls! Save those very important words. Interesting, I was just talking to a fifth grade teacher about this today. We are starting an author study on Roald Dahl. My friend read somewhere that Dahl always carried a notebook around with him, so he could jot down ideas when he needed to. She said that she has lost so many ideas because she doesn't write them down. I'm going to bring her a notebook for a surprise tomorrow. Wish I had one as snazzy as yours! Happy writing!


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