Tuesday, March 26, 2013

solsc: always read 26/31

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I was in need of some inspiration.  One of the benefits of a writing community is there are hundreds of writing ideas to borrow, use, and basically steal!

Deb's advice for bloggers with writer's block came just at the right time last night.  She provided me with many sparks for writing ideas; however, I thought about just trying to create a list of advice.

And then I thought, "Who am I to give advice to anyone?"

I walked away from my laptop to warm up some water for hot chocolate and fold a load of laundry.  Two mindless activities that allowed my brain to continue thinking.

"Who could I write advice to?  What would I possibly say?  What am I passionate about?  Reading.  Reading with my girls.  That's it.  How have I encouraged my two daughters to become readers today?"

Ten ways to encourage reading in your home:

1. Always read with your children from a very early age with them on your lap.

2. Always have stacks of books available to read in the bedroom, the kitchen, the playroom, the bathroom, the car, the diaper bag, etc.

3. Always read with enthusiasm and use different voices for drama and effect (or at least for a little laughter from your kids).

4. Always visit your local library and let your children select their own books (even though this can be difficult at times).

5. Always teach your children never to judge a book by its cover.

6. Always visit bookstores and give books as gifts.

7. Always read in front of your children and share your reading life.

8. Always read it one more time when they ask to read it one more time (even if it's the 100th time!).

9. Always talk about the books so children learn that we read for meaning.

10. Always read every day with your children.


  1. Love it and great advice. Maybe you can print this out and share it with the teachers and parents at school. Children love to imitate us and what better example could we give them. We're off to the library today! Love ya, M

  2. Love this. I think your mom is right. You should print this off and share with parents....at conferences? letters home at the beginning of the year? Possibilities are endless!

  3. Great advice! And I totally agree with your mom and Deb. You should print this out and share it with other parents. So many of these suggestions, e.g. keep books everywhere are so easy to implement!

  4. As a passionate reader and literacy advocate, and a mom of 2 young girls, I couldn't Agree more with your advice- however I would be mindful of sharing it with parents with the world always beginning every statement. I think many parents simply need to know that a little can go a long way, and no maybe tonight you were busy and didn't get to stories, but try again tomorrow. Or maybe reading with expression isn't your thing, but you read two books to your child tonight.for us it's easy and logical and it even sounds fun, but for parents we need to make it seem like something they can do, not so overwhelming that they don't even try. Thanks for the lost of writing ideas!

  5. Clever to turn it into a "Ten Ways To" list. I love that quote at the end. Your house sounds filled with reading!

  6. Great advice! Now my brain is churning with ideas for how to adapt the list for parents with teenagers. They love to be read aloud to, but will never admit it. I'm thinking audiobooks for the car might be a way to win them over. A lot of my 8th graders love the fact they can check out ebooks and audiobooks and music from our public library.

  7. I like how you got inspired by Deb's post and made it right for you. This list was also inspired by what you do at home with your girls. You home is always filled with books and reading.

  8. I think this a superb list, Michelle; like everyone else, I think it is ripe for sharing in your school. And, maybe others...like my K-4 building :). I also think it's awesome how you used this writing community as support -- that is what we hope for in the classroom, so it's fun to be part of this space made just for us :). Hmmm. What am I passionate enough about to make a list? Maybe I should go fold some clothes and figure it out!

  9. Great list Michelle! And yes, save it and share it with parents and teachers every where!

  10. Great list Michelle it would make a wonderful gift for a mom (or dad) to be, printed on pretty paper hung in a baby's room to read every time they put baby down. I wish every parent would adhere to your list. My job would be waaaaayyy easier. lol

  11. Great list and I love that quote. Yup, this needs to be shouted from the treetops. Way to go Michelle!

  12. Yep, so right. (I guess you are preaching to the choir...) Wish we could shout it to the world! One of my happiest memories is reading to my daughter, & then when older, into middle school, we began reading to each other. We share many wonderful books together. Thanks for all of this Michelle! Terrific list!

  13. You are most definitely qualified to give this advice! 8 and 9 stand out especially to me--these represent the heart and mind of reading with children.


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