Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sharing in the Process

this is where we partphoto © 2005 Josef F. Stuefer | more info (via: Wylio)

It's been a slow process.

I'm a private person.
I like to fade into a crowd.
It takes me awhile to warm up to you.

That's why it's been a slow process.

I shared my writing with my mother.
Then I opened myself to dear friends.
I found others like me in a community of writers.

It's a process that takes time.

Each new day, each new writing
Draws the writer out of me
Willing to share more and more.

It takes time and then others want to share.

My mother started a reading blog.
A friend created a blog about teaching.
Another friend was inspired to write.

It's been a slow process.

We are all blossoming into writers
We never believed existed in an
Amazingly short amount of time.


  1. You are blossoming. Not only reflecting, but forming your thoughts into a poem. Lovely.

  2. Really, I am always amazed at your poetry. You take a few words and create a lovely image of what is going on inside you. Never doubt you are a writer!

  3. You've always had the ability to express yourself, but now you are putting it in print. It's amazing how the thoughts just seem to explode when you write them. Keep writing and sharing. It not only helps you grow, but you'll be able to help your daughters and students grow too. You are an amazing woman. Love, M

  4. Yes, it is hard to open up and share our thoughts..but you are doing a beautiful job! More important thanks so much for sharing with me so that I too can blossom!


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