Thursday, April 7, 2011

Looking for Inspiration

Throughout the writing challenge, I felt inspired every day.  I was brimming with joy and excitement to write.  There was purpose and an audience.  A writer's beacon was shining down upon me encouraging me to create more than I ever thought was possible:  I learned that I could tell a story.  I discovered that I was a poet.  I realized that I could play with words.   I found the writer inside me.

Yet, the true inspiration came from the other writers.  I enjoyed reading slices from a variety of writers, all from different worlds, but the writing brought us together in unison. I understood the true form of the writer's craft, as I was able to borrow and try out new styles of writing.  Every day there was new inspiration sprinkled my way.

Writers are still writing.  Readers are still reading.

So, why am I feeling a lack of motivation?  Joy?  Inspiration?

Looking for Inspiration
I need to see that beacon of light guiding me down my writer's path once more.
I need to smell those enticing slices to recreate with a 'mixture' of ingredients.
I need to hear that reassurance that fuels my writer's soul.
I need to taste those juicy words jumbling around in my mouth.
I need to feel that breeze of inspiration again.
Breathe it in.  Close my eyes.  Be inspired.  Exhale and write again.


  1. Dear Michelle,

    I admire how you can find the words to reflect about your inner life as a writer. I understand how being part of a community and reading such a wide variety of slices and supportive comments can fuel inspiration. Yet I believe that you are a true writer and will write just because that is part of who you are now. The word "breathe" plays a key role. As Ralph Fletcher said:"Use your notebook to breathe in the world around you."
    Have an inspirational weekend,

  2. I'm sure every writer shares in your frustration and lack of inspiration. We all need those "warm fuzzies" that we get from others. We are no different than children who need the bolstering up and pushing to read and write. Look thru the girls' eyes when you take them for a walk, let a book fall open and pick a passage, keep reading others' blogs. I tell you all this and yet I'm hesitate to take the next step of sharing in a blog with others. There's inspiration all around us, we just need to open our eyes and search. For not having much "inspiration" today, you wrote a very emotional SOL. Thank you. Love M

  3. MIchelle--I am having the same problem! It seemed I found more to write about during the challenge. So now I am trying to keep the challenge going within me, but it's hard!


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