Friday, April 8, 2011


This last week I have been on a search.  I'm looking for bits of inspiration and today I found some hidden among the many blogs I try to find time to peruse.

After reading Deb's post, I decided to take her up on her challenge:
"You've got 25 words ~no more, no less~ to create an impression of joy."

Impression of Joy

The sparkle in a child's eye
The smile that lights up a room
The laughter heard down the hall
Joyful learning happening all around us.

Go ahead!  Create your impression of joy in 25 words!


  1. A smile on a sunny morning
    A hug from your son
    The embrace of your daughter’s laughter
    And the inspiring comfort of a family’s love

  2. Faith in an awesome God.
    Enjoying life with my wonderful husband.
    Surrounded by children and grandchildren.
    Awaiting a beautiful sunrise.
    Sipping a glass of wine.

  3. I LOVE these! When I challenged my creative writing kids to do this they whined it was hard. "Have you done it Mrs. Day?" So I did it. And it was hard. But it made me feel so much better when I was done!

  4. Awake before my family stirs
    Steaming mug of coffee
    Sunday paper
    Quiet time
    Reading, thinking, wishing
    Sun streaming through the window
    Chirping birds
    Pure joy

    :) This was fun! :)


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.