Wednesday, April 1, 2015

finding my happy again

And so here I am ... 
 finding my happy again on day thirty-two

my mom's morning TFTD
also known as Thought For The Day text

new colorful not-so-clicky pens
to brighten my writing and my day

olw 'breathe' bracelet
to remind me daily

warm sunshine and sixty degrees
finally another bike ride

colleagues' undeniable support
for a presentation today

five of my students completed the SOLSC
writing for 31 days with minimal support from me

plus one more student that isn't in any of my groups, but we've connected and she wrote too 
- look at her reflections!

my understanding husband, grumbling all month,
and now today hints at possible slices to write

reading final slice after final slice
inspired by your words

i tell myself to rest, to stay away,
but after thirty-one days ...

i just can't ... i still need to share my happy again. 


Stacey shared this with me after I wrote about "finding my happy" on Monday.  
Go on ... Sing along!  Find your happy today!


  1. YAY! I'm so glad you couldn't stay away!!! I love this in the form of a poem! What a beautiful thing to write about...happy!!! Congrats to your students for completing SOL challenge. It's so exciting!! I hope to see you back here with more poetry!!

  2. Love everything about this. I am happy, too. Writing is addictive and so is this awesome community. Love that 5 of your students wrote for 31 days! Is that a certificate you made? I gotta do this. We are on spring break, so I'll reward my writers when we return.

    1. I gave my students the option to blog or write in this homemade journal that had spaces to write each day. This is what they chose to slice in every day. (I just made it in google docs and I'm willing to share!) I plan on making a certificate too as we celebrate next week during lunch one day!

  3. This whole post makes me smile! Thank you for finding the happy and sharing it. I love how this is really day 32;

  4. Number thirty-two! Lovely to see you here, Michelle, still finding your happy. Congrats to your students!

  5. Some how I just knew I would find a slice from you today. So much happy to write about! Glad that you shared your happy with us. Hope you continue to search and find. Love ya, Mom

  6. This happened to me too! I thought I'd be glad to stop writing after the SOLSC, but I missed it right away! I, too, am going to participate in #digipoetry!

  7. Finding my happy is seeing some of my favorite bloggers still writing away. I always love your posts and they give me ideas that I would like to try too. Great post!

  8. I am not surprised that you are here writing on Day 32. It is truly a treat to get to read another slice from you! Congratulations on another awesome presentation today! Well done!!

  9. What a great day of happy! Thanks for sharing all the little snippets of your day. Perhaps your happy was also to go back and write again today. :o)


  10. It makes me happy to be here reading!

    Thank you, Friend, for your sweet words of encouragement over the month and beyond. Hug.

  11. A collection of joys, which makes me smile, and reflect on my happy. The happy becomes contagious as it is passed on.


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