Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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It's one of those weeks in life.  
There is so much going on.
There is something. 
Beyond all the every day stuff.

I'm excited, planning, 
nervous, worrying, 
shopping, wondering, 
meeting, more planning
frantic, and exhausted.

Checking items 
off my to do list. 
Between home and school.  
Celebrations of learning.  
Celebrations of birthdays.

Yet, it is the week 
with such an important day.
May first. 
That special day 
five years ago --

When my husband and I 
were given the most precious gifts. 
Gifts that could never return.  
Gifts that mean the world to us.  
Gifts that are only for us.

My baby girls 
are going to have a birthday.  
And they are turning 
Yes, five.

The days are long, 
yet the years are short.  
I'm sure feeling it this week.
There is so much going on.  
It's one of those weeks.


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  1. Happy birthday to your girls!!

  2. Mmm..I understand what you're saying! Spinning here.
    Happy BIRTHday to you!

  3. Just remember to breathe! It will all come together.

    Where have these past five years gone? These two precious gifts are the joy of our lives too. We thank God for them each day. Can't wait to celebrate! Hugs! Love ya, Mom


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