Saturday, April 4, 2015

{#celebratelu this week} #digiPoetry

I'm here to {celebrate} with Ruth Ayres and YOU!
Finding the little moments of joy in life.

Today I am celebrating: {this week in verse}

writing and writing every day in march
five years of the solsc complete
celebrate with *confetti* but then keep writing
and writing and writing and celebrating
celebrate the habit of storytelling

attending an all day meeting monday
the first day after a relaxing spring break
planning for a wednesday training that
was an enjoyable stress i needed
celebrate relieved presentation exhaustion

{difficult conversation}
the anticipation (and stress) of
a conversation that was necessary
led to many opportunities of
relationships, learning, and moving forward
celebrate new beginnings

{a day off}
after a long-only-four-day-busy week
an extra day of family time
was just what was needed
even though little was accomplished
celebrate the ordinary

a "non-attendance" day off
full of irony because it is so much more
Jesus died a brutal death for me and you and our sins
there is nothing about failure to be present on Good Friday
celebrate God's greatest gift to us

Taking time to celebrate -- BIG or little -- is truly fulfilling...even in poetry form!

I'm still writing ... poetry!
Join in and share! #digiPoetry

April is National Poetry Month.  I will dabble in celebrating with others by writing and sharing poetry this month.  Participants can follow along and share on Twitter: #digipoetry.


  1. Happy it was a good week back for you Michelle. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. Love your last line - celebrating little and big. We have so much to celebrate. God had truly blessed us especially sending His Son to die on Good Friday and to rise again on Easter for each of us! Thanks for sharing your celebrations. Have a Blessed Easter. Love ya, Mom

  3. Sounds like you had the perfect week filled with everything you needed. Happy Easter!


  4. The big and little you celebrate are a wonderful example of the power of celebrating. Those stressful moments that we avoid sometimes are also the places of possibility. I'm glad you got through it well. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  5. I loved this line in your first stanza - "celebrate the habit of storytelling" and this one in your last -
    "celebrate God's greatest gift to us." I celebrated in verse today, too. There are a lot of doubling and tripling up of posts today - I love it!

  6. If the whole world could celebrate the ordinary maybe we would not be longing for more. Thanks for showcasing this in verse, Michelle.

  7. I love how you celebrated the big and little in verse!

    P.S. I hope I get to meet you in person someday!

  8. Happy Easter Michelle! I love how you arranged this poem!! I can feel the joy in each celebration!!!

  9. Your week (in verse) deserves to be celebrated!
    We will celebrate and rejoice in God's greatest gift to us. Have a beautiful Easter!


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