Tuesday, January 27, 2015

{sols} texts to breathe

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A little over a year ago, my Mom figured out texting. She was using a not-so-smart phone and it took her a bit longer to spit out a short, simple text. (Remember ... a-a-a? Pressing a number one, two, or three times to select the right letter?)  But, she stayed with it and figured it out.  She's upgraded her phone recently, so I don't think it is as difficult to send a lengthier text these days!

I know it is not her favorite go-to form of communication with me, but some days (or weeks) that's all we have.  We had a set time every Saturday afternoon, when the girls were napping, to chat and talk and reflect on the week.  That precious time is gone as now my four and a half year old babies aren't napping so much.  And if they are, I'm napping too!

So, because my Mom knows I'll read my texts throughout the day, she has accepted this as an every day way to communicate.  I love that she recently started sharing positive words, reminders, words of wisdom, or scripture passages each morning via text.

It's the perfect way to start my day.   Her words provide me a moment to breathe.

I may not always have a chance to respond, but her words each morning mean the world to me, even when it is difficult to talk on the phone each week because of time or energy or both. She continues to  stay connected and send me positive words.

A sampling of my "Mom's Wise Words" texts ... and two of my favorites:

Wouldn't you love to be reminded that you are enough?  That you are chosen to change the world?  And that God is the author of your life -- so don't worry so much?  I'm the lucky one receiving the texts to breathe.Thanks, Mom, for your positive words.  Keep them coming because those little words in your texts mean so much more than you will ever know.


  1. I love this slice. I'm a mom of 4 and a grandmother of 7. I remember my children teasing me when I first started texting because I couldn't figure out how to put spaces between the words. Thanks for the reminder to send good thoughts and encouragement and how they can make a difference.

  2. Yes, texting is much easier today. I'm so happy that a few words make a difference in your day. I now have the time to read and reflect and have the need to share these words with a very special woman - my daughter. Each of us need to know that we are loved, cherished and chosen - not only by those around us, but especially by our Lord. Have a blessed day! Love ya, Mom.

  3. Omg sameeee! Sunday is my "call home day" a little because of procrastination but also just to catch up on the past week and talk through my plans for the upcoming week. Luckily, my mother is a natural at texting (possibly too good at it... :/). Texts from mom are nice when phone calls are tough to fit in, but nothing beats a nice call home.

  4. My mom and I have taken to texting, also. Not ideal, but better than nothing on some days. I love that your mom is trying to uplift you! My favorite is that you are enough. I wish someone would text that to me every morning.

  5. A slice for a heart. Very personal and filled with love.

  6. Moms do so much for us when we are little, but even more when you are grown up. You have a special mom, but then you already know that.

  7. I love texts that I get from my daughter! As she is 5 hours ahead of me, I often wake up to a message: "I love you mom! Have a great day!" My day is already wonderful before I even get out of bed! Yeah, for texting!

  8. Oh I love this!!! Reminds me so much of my relationship with my mom, such a blessing! Thank you for sharing this and making me reflect on the little things my mom does all the time. She just graduated to a smartphone one month ago :-) I just love this post.

  9. Sounds like an amazing mom! Powerful, encouraging messages to remind you of what is true and right. Great!


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