Tuesday, January 6, 2015

{sols} just breathe

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I decided to take some time off from blogging over the last couple weeks.  I needed a break.  I was not feeling worthy of sharing words.  I just needed to breathe.  Live life.  Enjoy the moments of now.

Even though I knew that I was missing out on holiday celebrations, slices and stories, and one little word selections.

But I just can't keep up with it all.  And I am okay with that too.  I have "let it go ..."

My one little word was right there, waiting for me.  I never really thought too much about it.  But it's the reminder that I need in all aspects of my life these days ...

Breathe ...  in the word of God, knowing He is in total control.

Breathe ...  during moments of stress and chaos and busyness of life.

Breathe ...  to close my mouth, open my ears, and listen more.

Breathe ...  to find a more balanced life.

Breathe ... during exercise to help create a heathy body.

Breathe ... when I'm hungry to slow my cravings.

Breathe ... while I'm eating to enjoy each nourishing bite.

Breathe ... deeply at the end of a long day and capture a few memories in my journal.

Breathe ... to enjoy this life right now.

I'm optimistic about this year.  We have quite a few milestones coming and reminding myself to breathe will be essential to enjoying the moments.


  1. Michelle, I loved reading this list. I have been taking blogging breaks quite a bit but am coming back ready to regularly slice. I am glad that you took a break when needed. Here's to a great 2015 and your word breathe. I look forward to hearing more about it as your ideas resonated with me as well.

  2. Deep cleansing breaths - it's surprising just how much they can do to change our outlook and attitudes. Love ya, Mom

  3. I missed you when you took a break, but I am glad that you put yourself first. Breathe often. Write when you can. You are always worthy of sharing words. Lovely list of "Breathe."

  4. Breathe is a great word! I think you'll find it very useful. It's a practical word since it gives you a specific action to do when you're feeling stressed, yet it's a beautiful word, too. Can't wait to find where it takes you!

  5. That sounds like a great word for a busy lady!

  6. Breathe -- I feel calmer and more reflective just reading your piece. I think I need to post your poem on Breathe on my desk. these reminders would help me too -- sounds like our lives may have some things in common! We also took off two weeks from blogging and it was just what we needed. Maybe we are on our way…

  7. Sounds like a perfect word! I'm glad you took the time you needed to let this word find you and that you could make it your own.


  8. Our paths and words are similar, yet at different crossroads. Breathe is such a refreshing word and I am sure it will be a wonderful word to carry you through. As long as you remember to breathe! :)

  9. BREATHE is a powerful, wonderful word! I might have to use it some year, as I could definitely use some more just breathing in my life! :-)

  10. Breathing is so important. (Which reminds me, I haven't meditated yet today. Speaking of meditation, have you ever tried it? It is nice to just take time out for yourself to just breathe. I use Headspace, which is an app out of the U.K. You might want to have-a-go with it.)

    Good luck on your journey this year!

  11. "Breathe ... in the word of God, knowing He is in total control." That is what I need to breathe more this year! Enjoy the small moments when you can breathe in new life!

  12. I have been thinking a lot about slowing down in 2015 to take it all in and enjoy. I love how the word breathe speaks to this!

  13. Thank you for sharing this... Spoke to my heart.


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