Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#cyberPD Begins 7/9/14: Reading in the Wild

This summer I am excited to be joining in the #cyberPD learning once again.  Over the previous three summers of #cyberPD, I have read and shared my thinking and learning right alongside educators across the globe.

This year I am thrilled to be joining in as a guest co-host with Cathy Mere and Laura Komos.  I think it's phenomenal how this event continues to grow each year with more and more educators participating.

Will you be joining in #cyberPD event this year?  You are still not sure yet?

Here's why I think YOU should join in!

Three Stages of #cyberPD Learning
  1. Reading a professional development book by myself is enlightening.  I read, ponder, and think about the possibilities in my resource classroom. 
  2. Adding the additional layer of reflecting, compiling, and composing my thinking into a blog post to share with YOU adds value to my learning.  Putting my jumbled thoughts into words clarifies and verifies my educational beliefs and how I intentionally plan for student learning.  I'm responding to the reading, creating action plans, thinking about next year and how I can tweak or change what's happening in my classroom and school.
  3. And then, there is YOU.  Yes, YOU.  Adding YOUR voice into the conversation increases my thinking and learning. We all know that learning is social and we become THAT reading community that learns and grows together when YOU share your thoughts.  The learning exponentially grows when the walls are knocked down.  All of YOUR great thinking pushes my thinking! Your ideas and thoughts matter!

Previous #cyberPD Events
If you are curious what other #cyberPD participants shared or how to organize your thoughts, you can check out the previous #cyberPD events:

#cyberPD Participation
This summer we are reading:
Reading in the Wild: The Book Whisperer's Keys to Cultivating Lifelong Reading Habits by Donalyn Miller with Susan Kelley

We are excited about deepening our beliefs about intentionally creating lifelong readers.  We look forward to reading Donalyn's suggestions and discussing what you do in your classroom and school to share the joy of reading.

If you have participated in previous #cyberPD  events, we are excited that you are joining in again this year!

If you have NEVER participated, this is the year to jump in!  Grab your copy of Reading in the Wild and:
  • Start a simple blog to share your thinking.  Then link your blog to the host blog by leaving a comment and your specific url link.
  • Read and leave a comment on at least 3 other participant blogs during the week.  This is what makes #cyberPD exponentially grow!
  • Share thoughts on Twitter using the #cyberPD hashtag.
  • Or leave your thoughts in the host's comment section on the blog.
  • Additional resources shared on the #cyberPD 2014 Reading in the Wild Pinterest board.
We hope to hear your voice on July 9th!

#cyberPD 2014: Reading in the Wild by Donalyn Miller (@donalynbooks)

July 9th   Chapters 1-2 Hosted by Cathy Mere at Reflect and Refine
July 16th  Chapters 3-4 Hosted by Laura Komos at Ruminate and Invigorate
July 23rd  Chapter 5 & Appendices Hosted by Michelle Nero at Literacy Learning Zone
July 30th @ 7 PM (CST) Twitter Chat with the author Donalyn Miller

Read.  Reflect.  Share.  Respond to others.  

Then repeat.

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