Tuesday, July 1, 2014

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I want to remember ...  a summer of reading.  My four year old girls applied for their first library card and signed up for their first summer reading program.  It was adorable to see the girls sitting at the big desk signing their names.  Thirty books to read this summer together.  Sign me up!  Pure joy!

Tonight at dinner we were talking about reading.

P.'s pure genius thought:  "Books are like friends."

Yes, my little readers, books are like friends.  Always, always remember that.


Thanks to Liz Lamoreux for her writing inspiration and "I want to remember ..." writing idea.  
Her thoughts:
"I want to remember..." is one of my favorite prompts to use here on my blog, in Project Life, and when I'm stuck (or when I think I don't have any stories left). Each statement becomes it's own access point to a story I want to tell. And, so often I find threads of gratitude woven within the memories. 


  1. Michelle,
    That is exciting news! So what did they check out? Every time I read your posts, I think about how wonderful it would to have posts from when my kids were younger. You are creating a beautiful collection that tells the story of their lives.


  2. I was cleaning up today and came upon Margaret Mooney's text about books being friends. Your girls are on a wonderful journey with good company.

  3. Their first summer reading program! I love reading those words. Summer reading was always an integral part of my summer fun . . . still is! Thanks for sharing the picture.

  4. Exciting. A festive step for your young readers. The pic is fabulous.

  5. Fun! Donalynn Miller shared a wonderful story at Boothbay of the way her family makes a big deal about getting that first library card. It's a shared joy, isn't it - the joy of going to the library?

  6. How precious a memory this will be - not only for you, but for M & P. I love P's statement - it's great to know that they already consider books as our friends. Glad that you recorded this momentous event. Love ya, Mom

  7. Some of my favorite memories of my children were at story hour at the library.

  8. Oh this made me smile with delight. What a joy to tract your own kids literacy learning. My favorite quote(naturally:))"Books are like friends.". Summer=Reading joy!


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