Tuesday, July 15, 2014

{sols} small moments

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I'm currently kind-of-stuck on this writing idea.  I think about it throughout the day with my girls.

I am noticing so much more.  Jotting down thoughts.  Scribbling on sticky notes.  Snapping quick pictures.  Trying to hold tight onto the words.

All to savor a memory, a small moment in my life, that is quickly passing:  I want to remember ...

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I want to remember ... our whole family curled up on the floor  hovering around our wedding album at bedtime on Saturday evening.  My hubby and I celebrated eleven years of marriage and thought it would be fun to show our girls when mommy and daddy got married.  They loved flipping through the thick pages and pointing and laughing and "Grammy! Grampy! Uncle Scottie! Nana! Papa!"

And then, in a very serious voice, P. asked, "But where is M. and P.?"

Then M. piped in, "Are we still in Mommy's tummy?"

I want to remember ... a world that only includes my girls.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I want to remember ... when this summer my girls decided to play independently. This is a rare occasion as they love to be together and play together -- not always with patience and love -- but they love to be together.  One day last week, P. decided that she didn't want to enjoy the outdoors with her sister.  And M. was surprisingly okay with her decision.  (She's usually the follower and will do as P. does.)

"Momma, I'm going to stay inside and do a project." P. said.

So, I sat on the screen-in porch, with one ear listening in the house as P. colored and created and even played a little dress up, as I had one eye on M., who snapped on her bike helmet and rode up and down our driveway.

I want to remember ...  my two big four year old girls choosing independence.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I want to remember ... P. staring at the school with a smile on her face.

"What's that Mommy? A school?"

"Yes, that's Sanborn.  That's where Colin went to kindergarten.  You'll go to kindergarten there too after you turn five years old."  I paused as she continued to stare and wonder. "Does that make you excited?"  She shook her head 'yes' in response.  I smiled remembering previous conversations about not wanting to go to kindergarten.

I want to remember ... P. being speechless about the future possibility of attending a big school.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I want to remember ... listening to M. and P. talk and play together.  M. laid out the blankets on the playroom floor and invited P. to sit.

"P., do you want me to read you a story?  Ok.  Now, kids sit here." She patted the blanket and P. sat close by.  M. opened the first book.  "What starts with "A"?  P., do you want to open it?"

P. approached the book and lifted the flaps to expose two objects that begin with the letter "A."

"Apple.  Alligator." P. said.

"Good job.  Now, another kid ..." M. requested, using her imagination to invite other readers to lift the flaps.  P. surprisingly waited patiently until it was her turn again.

I want to remember ... my heart swelling with much pride as my girls read together and watching M. in a teacher-like role. 

Thanks to Liz Lamoreux for her writing inspiration and "I want to remember ..." writing idea:
"I want to remember..." is one of my favorite prompts to use here on my blog, in Project Life, and when I'm stuck (or when I think I don't have any stories left). Each statement becomes it's own access point to a story I want to tell.  And, so often I find threads of gratitude woven within the memories. (Liz Lamoreux)

What do you want to remember from today?


  1. This is absolutely wonderful. I love how you captured the sights and sounds of emerging independence as your girls embrace life full speed ahead!

  2. Such wonderful memories! These are the special times that you need to capture because they will all too quickly be forgotten with others to take their place. The girls are growing to be their own individuals - love it! Thanks for sharing these moments in time. Love how M was reading to P and other imaginary friends - reminds me of you! Love ya! Hugs Mom

  3. I love a post that gets me thinking---my mind automatically went to all the things I want to remember. Thanks....

  4. I want to remember the sweet message on Viber that was waiting for me when I woke up this morning. My daughter is six hours ahead of me on an outreach. I love getting these short hellos from her. And then when I miss her, I remember those special moments we had together when she was young. You are definitely living the time memories are made!

  5. I love sneaking a peak at your girls, too, Michelle, & hearing the stories. My 5 & 3 year old granddaughters are finally having big conversations-it seems that it's been a long wait for the older, & now that are talking together, much like you're sharing today. So very fun to hear them. Ah-they grow up too fast!

  6. Such a joyful post, Michelle - those small moments signify so much, you are wise to pause and ant to remember them all. That photograph is adorable!

  7. Oh my heart, Michelle. Such precious moments that you are noticing and capturing with your words. Your girls are adorable.

    "I want to remember..." is heart-moving.


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