Tuesday, June 10, 2014

{sols} summer is almost here

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These last few weeks of school have been tough.  Summer is almost here.

Everyone in the family has been sick the month of May and now into June.  (Yes, even my husband has all the bronchitis symptoms as of Sunday.  Off to the doctor he goes today!)  Summer is almost here.

At the beginning of the school year, I always feel like I'm off and running, already months behind before the students even arrive.  Summer is long gone.

The end of the school year feels quite the same.  The final to-do list grows before the students leave and the building is closed and I'm feeling months behind.  Summer is almost here.

However, I've been known to create my own craziness when I give myself time to think.  And an ingenious idea leads to procrastinating because I have now preoccupied my time working on another idea or project.  Summer is almost here.

The work will get done.  Summer.  I'll finish the final to-do list.  Is.  My room will get organized and packed.  Almost.  And the paperwork will be completed.  Here.

And then summer WILL be here.  


  1. Hooray for summer! Yes, it will all get done. Enjoy your last day with the kids and now fun times to enjoy during the summer. Love ya, Mom

  2. Working on a new ingenious idea can never be put in the category of procrastinating. You have to follow the muse when she strikes

  3. Celebrate the completion of the year and enjoy the days with your girls. Summer is here!

  4. I have also been known to create my own craziness! Love that phrase, and love the structure of this piece. Hope your summer comes quickly, and then l-i-n-g-e-r-s.

  5. I love the month of June because it really does feel like summer! I think the school supplies start reappearing in July! Enjoy these first few weeks and try to relax. I haven't been doing a good job of it, so someone needs to :)

  6. Summer, sweet summer how blessed we are to be able to slow down, leave our classrooms and play! Enjoy

  7. Ye. Deep cleansing breath. Summer is almost here!

  8. Enjoy summer...all the stuff and to do lists wil still be there...they never go away...but time the days of summer will so enjoy! Xoxo

  9. I can feel your anticipation! I hope you are able to finish the school year strong and that summer proves to be a very restful, illness-free time for you and your family! I like your comparison of your feelings at the beginning of the school year and now at the end. Also, I love the line where you say, "I've been known to create my own craziness when I give myself time to think." I can definitely relate! My husband tells me that I sometimes have self-imposed stress because I do that. Now it's a few days after you first wrote this post, so you are even closer to summer! You can do it! =)


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