Tuesday, June 3, 2014

{sols} sick

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The girls in our house
were all sick.
Three weeks sharing it.

I'm tired of being sick.
I'm done feeling achy.
I'm over all the coughing.
I'm finished feeling the fever.

I'm tired of laying around.
I'm done doing nothing.
I'm over being no fun.
I'm finished being


The doctor says take this
for acute bronchitis.
You should feel better soon.

What's that?
What's that you say?
You say it's almost summer break?
Yeah, well, then why am I still sick today?

I look forward to the day
when I can say,
"I'm feeling good and summer break is here!
Now, let's go outside and play!"


I'm thinking I was a little inspired by


  1. Hope you got a good night's rest and today will be better - unfortunately, it's not Saturday - yet! Praying and sending good thoughts your way that will all be well soon. Love ya, Mom

  2. I say you work so hard your body is needing a rest! 6 More days to go . . . 6 more days to go yikes!

  3. Get yourself well before summer break gets here!

  4. Love that you made a poem --way to make lemonade from lemons! Hope you are well soon.

  5. Aww..hope you feel better soon, Michelle.

  6. So sorry you're sick at this time of year when you're looking forward to wonderful summer! Be well soon, Michelle!

  7. Wishing you full recovery, so you and your girls can enjoy the summer.

  8. It is no fun being sick, especially at this time of year. Here's to feeling better!

  9. Hope you feel better really soon! Take it easy!


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