Tuesday, June 4, 2013

sols: STBD

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And so it's almost midnight (central time zone) and this is the first slice I have ever written down to the last minutes on a Tuesday.

These last few days of school have been exhausting, busy, stressful.  You fill in the blank.  Trying to wrap up this year. Thinking about next year.

But I still had that itch.  All day long.
I just never had a moment to --
Sit and ponder.
Type and tap away.
Think and share.
Tell my story.
That itch would not go away.

When I whimpered to my husband that this was the first Tuesday in maybe two years that I didn't write a slice, he suggested:

STBD:  Slice To Be Determined.

There you have it.  A slice to be determined.  An itch relieved with a scratch.


  1. I have been in that position though I am new to slicing this year. There is something satisfying about making it under the wire, even if your slice is yet to be determined.

  2. Yea, Michelle, keep the streak alive. It's hard to write in the last crazy days of the school year. Hard to make that time for us! Save the thoughtful, reflective writing for next week....

  3. LOL! I like your sentence, "An itch relieved with a scratch"! Or would it make as much sense to say, "An itch relived with a scratch"? Hahaha! Lots of plays on words. That could be your STBD!


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