Tuesday, June 18, 2013

sols: road trip

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A planned road trip can be fun.

A planned road trip with three year olds . . . can be quite amusing, very entertaining, and also fun!

It's a long 575 miles from Illinois to Arkansas.

Not once did we hear (use your best whiny voice), "Are we there yet?"

However, we did hear:

"I dropped my book."

"I want to watch Nemo."

"Can I have another book?"

"Look at that over there."

"What's that over there?"

"Where's the Jeep?"

"I saw a horse."

And interspersed were many sleepy moments of peace and quiet and staring out the window as the low fields of Illinois passed us by, and the beautiful countryside of Missouri, and the rolling hills of Arkansas.

These three year olds? They did an AMAZING job traveling.  Only a couple times did we hear the desperate plea:  "I want to get out!!!"  It's hard to sit for so long, strapped in a seat, not able to move around.  We wanted to get out too!

We almost made it through those rolling hills without incidence.  The final little stretch before we made it to the Norfork Bridge and M's tummy just couldn't take it.  A five minute side-trip on the side of the road to clean up, but we made it to Grammy and Grampy's house soon after.

The family trip started with an easy, yet long journey and finished with Grampy and Max waiting for us with a quick dinner and one birthday cake saved for us by "The Hero."


  1. Glad to hear the trip was not a painful experience (except for the small incident). A road trip has possibilities for fun and we all need to step out and stretch every couple of hours. So looking forward to our meeting next week!

    1. Absolutely! What fun! We can't wait!

  2. So fun - well, not that last part. :) Love a road trip, though. Enjoy your time!

  3. I have a suspicion that it was your planning (making sure there is plenty to do and enough stops) and attitude that helped the road trip to be a success. I am still wondering how is it possible to have a long trip without "Are we there yet?"

  4. Oh good Michelle so glad the trip went well! Have fun with the parents and try and get some TLC for yourself wile there...I'm sure our mom is itching to give you plenty! Have a great trip!

  5. WOW I can't believe your twins are three! They sound like great travelers and I'll be the grandparents are thrilled they are there. Have a great time!

  6. I know that I had "butt-itis" so I can only imagine how M & P felt, but they were such good troopers. And now the fun begins. Off to the park and the library and the beach ... And hopefully some R&R for Mommy!

  7. Yeah for those road trips. I'm happy to say that I did make travelers out of my kiddos...not always so easy, especially when they are three. I loved hearing how they are looking out of the window spotting everything. We had a big Lego phase and I will always remember the sound of searching in the bucket in the middle. You are so lucky to have Judy within striking distance...enjoy your time. xo

  8. Impressive, Michelle. It sounds like a great drive. Perhaps it was the books!

    Enjoy your stay,


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