Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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It's a Slice of Life kinda day.  I have so many stories to share, yet so little time with the beginning of summer arriving.  So, here's a sliver of a slice:

today: i'm thinking about my Dad on his birthday! 
want to be:  relaxing on the porch just reading in the peace and quiet one last day before the girls are all mine all day . . .
blessings:  my faithful God, my husband, my girls, my family, my friends
thinking:  about the library visit planned for this evening and hoping students will show up to celebrate {summer} reading!
planning:  for our road trip to Arkansas in the next couple days and lots of packing.
writing:  very little these days, but squeezing in a slice!
loving:  my girls who will never be just three again - trying to slow down, laugh more and enjoy their little antics of happy, sad, whiny, laughing right now.
grateful: for my colleagues that I learn with even when school is out!

today {again}:  i'm trying to scratch off the items on my to-do list before our first day of summer together tomorrow. 

check.  slice of life.   comments later after our library night.  


  1. Your sliver is very satisfying. I like the way you crafted this and look forward as fatter slices come. Enjoy your vacation and your many blessings.

  2. I saw this format on another blog last week and wrote it down to complete sometime in the future. So much to do, so little time, and yet you seem to accomplish so much. Can't wait to see y'all on Thursday and then a fun two weeks of playing with all "My Girls"! Love ya, M

  3. One item scratched off the list, almost time to take a deep breath and enjoy the freedom of time available. I hope you had a great reading night. I just got the email from your mom about the possible meeting. Absolutely we can meet up! Be safe on your travels and see you later this month. :-)

  4. Michelle,
    Love it! You always are able to get to the important pieces of life. Though I had more time to write than I've had lately, I struggled to decide what to write about. There's been so many "writeable moments" in the days since school has ended. I like the way you were able to tell so many stories here.

    This grabbed me:
    my girls who will never be just three again - trying to slow down, laugh more and enjoy their little antics of happy, sad, whiny, laughing right now.
    SO TRUE!!

    I can't wait to hear how your summer reading kick-off went this evening.


  5. I"m glad you found time to squeeze in a slice. May joy overflow for you this summer.

  6. Hope you had a restful and relaxing day and are recharged for your big trip!

  7. Even this sliver captures so much of who you are, what is important to you. Even when you don't have the time to capture life in words like you would want to, it is clear you are living and noticing like a writer.

  8. I love the idea of a sliver of a slice on a busy day. It's a way to get some thoughts on the page without overwhelming yourself with one more task. Enjoy your summer - and the three year olds!

  9. Today is June 14. I guess you are on your road trip to Arkansas. I hope you are enjoying every moment of your summer and all the time you get to spend with your kids. Summer is short and kids grow too fast. I hope you will find time for yourself too, reading-writing, just being.


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