Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SOLS: To Live is to Laugh

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Over the weekend, I took my two girls to Costco.  It's one of those wholesale warehouse stores with huge carts with room for two up front - perfect for a mom with twins!  We arrived as it opened, before the Saturday crowd scurried in to fill up the aisles.  I plopped the girls in the cart and we were ready to shop.

"Uh oh," P said as she showed me half of the buckle.  Somehow we picked a cart that did not have two functioning buckles. I didn't think they would notice.

I easily forgot that they are my husband's daughters.  We must follow the rules and obey all safety procedures.  How do they know this at 18 months?

"It's okay. It's broken. I'll be right here. You'll be fine."

"Uh oh," P repeated, knowing this response wasn't good enough.

"Oh, look at the lights!" I said, doing my best to distract her.

We first browsed the Christmas trees and decorations, looking at the lights, the garland, the wrapping paper.  I was talking to M and P about the excitement of their second Christmas.

"Pri-ttee," P stated as she pointed to the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree on display. "Pri-ttee."

"Oh, so pretty," I replied with growing excitement of the season to come.

We turned down the next aisle and the girls managed to spot . . .

"Elmo!! Elmo!!" They shrieked.  It does not matter where we are, they have a serious radar for this red, furry friend.  Funny thing is they have never seen Elmo on TV. Only in the books.  But they sure do love him.  We stopped to play with the Elmo on display and the girls just giggled with joy and delight.

"Say thank you and bye-bye."  My secret little trick to keep us moving on when we need to get going. Works like a charm whenever we have to leave the swings at the park.

"Tank choo," M said waving goodbye to Elmo.

"Buh-bye. Buh-bye," P added.

We strolled down the next aisle, but saw nothing that created the same buzz of excitement as Elmo.  We cruised to the end.  Around the corner, I carefully drove the cart narrowly missing the end cap of the sock display.

From out of nowhere, in unison, the girls shouted, "HIIIII-YYYY!!!"

Now, kids go through many stages.  We had the stage of stranger anxiety, but now they love to say "hi" to anyone they see.

I heard a chuckle from an older gentleman who then looked to his wife.

This fueled my two darlings.  M flipped her head back, closed her eyes and let out a big, bellowing (albeit fake) laugh.  Another stage.  When M and P hear laughter, they join in the fun.

"Ha ha ha ha." M looked for a response.

P followed suit. "Ha ha ha."

Again, the man and woman laughed in amusement a little louder.

As do my girls.

As do I.  Shaking my head, chuckling in delight.

This little moment.  I want to hold on to.  Forever.

Thank you for this slice of life.  To laugh.  To love.  To live in this moment.


  1. What a perfect shopping trip with two great observers of life. We need a dose of childhood wonder :)
    Happy Holidays,

  2. Wow, this sounds like it was definitely a precious moment with your girls!I'm glad that you shared it with us. I liked how you included the dialogue in it. Have a happy thanksgiving with your family!
    Jee Young

  3. Michelle,
    This slice just made me smile. What a great time. And as a person who would have stopped and laughed along with your twins, let me tell you, the couple enjoyed this little encounter as much as you did. I'll bet they're still talking about the cute little twins!

    you did a great job of capturing the dialogue of the twins--thanks for sharing!

  4. First, you characterized the personality of 18-month-olds perfectly. I could see my daughters doing the same things. Wonderful!

    Second, I'm so glad you cherished the moment and thus remind the rest of us to do so too.

  5. Now I am curious. Did you have your notebook with you? I would have never been able to remember and write in such detail. I don't like shopping very much but your trip sounded like fun.

  6. What wonderful details you included, I felt like I was there. I loved the comment about they are your husband's daughters, that made me laugh. If only all shopping trips could go like this!

  7. What delightful details about your girls. I love the way you made a trip to Costco come alive with rich descriptions and dialogue!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. You are terrific to make a trip to Costco sound fun. I think I need to borrow the girls! I too believe like Deb that the older couple enjoyed the exchange so much. It's a priceless capturing of your time with your young ones. Elmo, Elmo!

  9. So sweet! What a wonderful description of such an everyday moment! Your girls sound like they certainly keep your life full of laughter, which is a great thing!

  10. What a wonderful story! I can picture M with her concerns (oh no will we be able to handle another Daddy?). Wish I had been there to enjoy it too. Their laughter is contagious and yes, us "older folks" do enjoy the smiles and laughter of little ones. It brightens our day to see them and hear them. Can't wait for Christmas!

    Love ya, M

  11. I really enjoyed your narrative. I work with 18 month olds, and I can't get enough of them. Your daughters' laughter reached right through the computer =) Thank you for sharing!

  12. I especially love the detail about their "serious radar" for all things Elmo! Mostly, though, I am struck by how wonderful it is that you took time to enjoy just being with your daughters, even in Costco. So often, I notice those little moments with kids while I am shopping and wonder why I am enjoying someone else's kids more than they are. Your girls are lucky that you take time to notice and enjoy moments with them.

  13. Precious! It really was as if you recorded the outing to type out later. And, what is it about Elmo? My daughter had only seen the books too, but loves that guy!

  14. All of these moments are precious. Enjoy them they grow up way too fast. At least mine is.


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