Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SOLS: Threads of Life

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Threads of life
but pull one thread
like a string on a sweater
and watch me unravel. 
I'm incomplete.

              precious time with
              my beautiful, silly 18 month old girls,
              my adoringly sensitive husband,
              and my other full time job with
              27 students and numerous colleagues asking thoughtful questions
              searching for answers, possibilities, opportunities

              that I can create harmony in my life fulfilling all those needs,
              including my own.
               all the latest and greatest picture books my library has in stock,
               the YA that I missed out on years ago
               including "reading" audio books in the car,
               professional reading, journals, articles, books,
               Twitter, Google Reader, blogs, blogs, more blogs,
               Goodreads updates, email, and my frivolous indulgence: US Weekly 
               my love of reading with my children and my students
               to show them what lives in pictures and words.

               all that my brain can absorb
               to improve as a mom, a wife, an educator
               to be the best me
               at home and in my classroom
               making a difference every day by
               thinking, reflecting, changing, and achieving

               to be the one to make a difference.
               In your life, and your life, and your life.

Threads of life
but pull one thread
like a string on a sweater
and watch me unravel. 
I'm incomplete.



  1. Wow, Michelle. You hit the nail on the head with this one. I love how it all intertwines. The opening/closing stanza is perfect.

  2. Lovely poem that captures so much of what women wish for, that balance in life that takes care of everything. I like the repetition in the final line.

  3. You have such a talent for putting words together to express such great thinking. I loved this!

  4. Wow! Dad and I were really moved by your poem (Dad wants to know how you do it). Balance is something we all want to achieve - some days it's easier than others. Once you've got the balance, someone pulls that string. Pray, put yourself towards the top of the list and do what you can. You're a great mother, wife, teacher and daughter. Keep writing and sharing. Love ya bunches, M&D

  5. The words, the formatting, the sentiment, the imagery, the list of things to admire in this poem goes on...and on...

    I especially like the final stanza in the series before the closing--the one about hoping to make a difference in all those lives. How special and well crafted!

  6. This is lovely - I'm holding my knitting a bit more closely in my lap just now - as my thoughts work to keep from all that unraveling.


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