Tuesday, January 16, 2018

{it's really going to happen} #sol18

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I gasped when I opened the email. Out loud. In a meeting. A smile formed on my face.

"No way."

There was an invitation to attend a workshop with one of the most amazing teacher-writing-mommas out there. She just shared her new book with the world and I was a little tiny part of her journey.

I quickly closed the email in disbelief.

You see, she is the one who got me started writing slices of life on this little blog almost eight years ago.

She's also kind of big deal. And there she was in my email saying she's coming to a town near me.

Then I opened the email again to read beyond her name and smiling face. I checked my calendar and emailed a couple colleagues.

"Aaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhh! I gasped when I opened this! Can we go?????"

Thinking about how I'm going to make this work ... there has to be a way. I emailed her out of sheer shock and excitement.

Do you know I literally gasped when I opened this email an hour ago?!? I'm going to do everything in my power to be there!! Fingers crossed our paths will cross in real life!!!

This weekend, I signed up. There was no way I was going to miss this opportunity. We have yet to meet in real life.

And I cannot wait to hear the power of her stories. With my own ears. In real life. You could say, I'm a bit elated at this opportunity.

If you are also near my little corner of the world, please join us! It's going to be an amazing day!



  1. She is amazing --so glad you are going to meet her. We have heard her a few times and she is amazing in person. We LOVE her new book -so important. Can't wait to read about what you learn from your day. Enjoy.
    P.S. Loved your title - I could not resist clicking!

  2. If I was closer, I would find a way to go. She is amazing!

  3. This brought tears to my eyes because I know your excitement! Ruth is just amazing in person and I remember the exact moment I met her! I am so happy for you! You really need to try and make it to All Write some summer so we can meet in real life too! :)

  4. Lucky you! She came to my district's literacy conference a few years ago and I was star-struck! :-) I printed out the slicing logo & had her sign it. :-)

  5. WOW! That sounds like a great day!

  6. You are one lucky gal!!! Wish it was closer so I could go! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  7. HOORAY! I signed up, too, so we can learn together and fangirl over meeting Ruth in real life! :)

  8. This is great for you! And yes I did map out how far Judson was from Des Moines. Believe me, I'm contemplating. Have an amazing time!

  9. How exciting! What a fantastic day you will have listening to Ruth but also getting a hug from her. She is the best!

  10. This will be a great seminar. I'm glad that you can arrange your schedule to attend. It will be wonderful to meet in person and get acquainted face to face. Love ya, Mom

  11. Lucky you. I am happy for you!


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