Tuesday, August 18, 2015

{summer learning} #sol15

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I love summer learning.

I'm reading lots of picture books with my girls.
I read two real big people books.
I have read and dipped my fingers in many PD books.
I've read a generous amount of articles and blog posts from educators I respect.
I've conversed with many educators on Twitter and participated in a handful of chats.
I attended ILA in St. Louis and also attended a four day interactive webinar last week.
I've even participated in a Voxer PD group and started another group to continue our learning.

It's been a full summer of learning and I love it.  To help keep all my learning, ideas, thoughts, suggestions and so on, I have several learning notebooks around ... I use various symbols to highlight and code my notes, like stars, hearts, dashes and arrows.

One of my daughters took notice and questioned me about my coding.  I later found a couple special notes waiting for me in my notebook to be savored for a long, long time.  (I think I see a theme emerging as well ...)

I do love summer learning. {arrows and hearts}

Photos by Michelle Nero - Compiled with Photo Grid


  1. Awwwww! Too, too, too sweet! I love all the hearts and arrows!

  2. I just emailed you before seeing that you responded to my slice! And what's funnier? I was thinking about the girls!! You have been one busy lady...and I love the notes you found! xo

  3. Your list of reading and learning is impressive. But I love, love, love the special notes. So sweet.

  4. These are the most beautiful notebook pages I've ever seen!!! Amazing what our kids notice and mimic!! :)

  5. Oh those girls are such sponges! They have a fabulous lead learner in their house and it shows. What a great summer of learning!

  6. Stopping by your blog always makes me smile. Oh the joys as our children begin reading and writing. I love your notes. Hang onto them!

    I have also enjoyed learning with you this summer. Looking forward to continued conversations in the coming school year.


  7. Aww...I love how you modeled learning by really doing it!

  8. Like mother, like daughter(s)! It is so amazing the things they notice and how they follow thru. Their K teacher will have her hands full. Such precious memories these pages will bring in the years to come. Hugs. Love ya, Mom

  9. This is so precious! And such a visual of how children pick things up from adults' habits without having to be taught directly. This was a great reminder as the school year starts to teach through example as well as through lessons.


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