Tuesday, February 17, 2015

{#sol15} Trouble

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We had no big plans for this weekend.  However, I felt like I was living in my own version of If You Hove A Mouse A Cookie story... What started out as one task led to another ...

It all started with a game of Trouble. The four of us huddled around the little white table in the playroom Saturday morning.

POP! Goes the die in the bubble. 

My hubby expressed how light and bright the playroom was with the blinds open and the sun shining. 

And then POP! Trouble.

"What? What is that? Look at that.  There's a leak in the roof! Look at the ceiling!" he exclaimed as he got up to take a closer look. 

"Finish up my turn," he said as he went upstairs to investigate in the walk-in attic above the playroom.

And then POP! Trouble.

He dragged out plastic bins of ornaments, baby girl memories, and even the wedding bin (à la pre-Pinterest days). 

"Hey, hon? Can you come up here to help me for a minute?" he called down.

And then POP! Trouble.

We all headed upstairs to see that he had moved the girls' toddler beds against one wall. The girls loved the big open space in their bedroom.  They danced and twirled as I  helped my hubby move two huge, long boxes. The boxes held the pieces to convert the girls' toddler beds into full size beds. 

"You know, these beds will be too big in the girls' room," he told me.

And then POP! Trouble.

He disappeared as I watched the girls enjoy the extra room and freedom in their shared bedroom. I decided to dig into their closet and dressers. He returned a few minutes later. 

And then POP! Trouble.

"I talked to Eric. They still have the twin beds. I'm going to go pick them up.  Is this okay?"

He went and picked up the beds.  Our dear friend Eric decided to come over to help take apart the toddler beds and assemble the big girl beds. 

Less than a couple hours later (with big thanks to Eric), after the distraction of water leak, almost emptying the walk-in attic, our girls are officially sleeping in big girl beds.  (And then this led to a hunt on Sunday for the perfect bedding too ... with lots of purple!) They are as happy as can be! 

And then POP! No trouble. 

The leak was looked at by a professional on Monday.  Probably a minor leak from all the extra snow on the roof that blew into the vent.  A little paint will fix the stain on the ceiling.


  1. It never seems to fail - one thing always leads to another and another. Glad the leak was minor. Everything seems to have worked out okay and now the girls are officially moving on to a new stage in their lives. Hugs to all. Love ya, Mom

  2. Michelle,

    I love how you framed the events of your narrative around the game Trouble. Each time you bring the writer back to the story with POP it creates cohesion.

  3. Things change in a "pop" for sure. I'm glad the leak was not much, & that although not planned, the beds are up! Whew!

  4. I love the repetition of the "And then POP! Trouble." You had me concerned with with water leak, but glad to know it wasn't a major issue.

  5. Glad things turned out ok after all of the trouble. It was fun, however, reading your post.

  6. Snow on the rooves is creating such havoc for so many. We're fortunate not to have as much snow as, say, Boston, so I think we're in the clear.

    Look at their adorable bedroom. LOVE IT!

  7. I love the way you wove the "pop" sound from the Trouble game throughout your piece - What a terrific idea!

  8. You are so creative with your writing, and it is always a treat to read. I am glad that the leak was minor and will easily be resolved. I enjoyed reading about the adventure it led to for your Sunday, and absolutely love the beds and bedding for your girls (and the book shelf on the wall).

    I did a lot of organizing and cleaning on Sunday as well.

  9. So funny! This really does sound like your very own episode of "If you give a mouse a cookie!" One thing after another, after another. Sounds like you really did get a lot accomplished though! And I love the picture of the girls in their brand new big girl beds!

  10. Glad to read the leak was no Trouble! I bet the girls love their new beds! It does seem like the if you give a mouse a cookie story! Lol!

  11. I love the purple and green! The beds do look big, but what do they need to do in their except sleep? I imagine they'd be devastated if they were separated. Good thing the leak isn't serious.

    (Blogger is giving me grief this morning. I'm going to try posting from my google account and see what happens. Sorry if it shows up twice!)

  12. What a clever structure you used with the Trouble game. This would make a great mentor text. Love the twin beds! :-)

  13. I love how it all turned out!
    Sweet bedroom!


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