Tuesday, September 2, 2014

{sols} worries

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I snuck downstairs to change out the laundry.  The girls were upstairs playing dress up.  Tiaras, capes, dresses, and fancy plastic shoes.  I was enjoying a minute of quiet time, thinking to myself, worrying about the week to come, when M. quietly walked into the laundry room dressed to attend a princess ball.

"Mom.  Can I share something with you?" She asked.

I smiled to her as these were not the usual words from a four year old, but it was sweetness to my ears.

"Of course, M.," I responded and continued to fold the warm clothes.

"I don't want to die forever," she told me.

I wondered to myself,  "Where in the world did this come from?" as I quickly flipped through my internal files about "How to respond to the fear of dying."

I stopped folding the clothes and kneeled down right in front of her.  I turned to God for the answers.

"I know that dying seems scary.  I don't want you to worry about dying.  God is in control.  Remember that we are only here on Earth as people for a short time, but if you believe in Jesus, if you let him into your heart, we will be in heaven together forever ... "

Just as I was feeling solid about my response and was going to say more, M. interrupted.

"Mom, when is Daddy going to show us that flying helicopter?"

I looked to where she was pointing and realized her worry was gone.  She had moved on, but for that slight moment I was able to share with her about Jesus.

I hate to see my baby girls worry.  Especially worry about something that they have no control over.  Hmmm... I'm guessing that's how God feels about me and my worries.  I need to do a little more trusting and have more faith in His plans.  It's time for me to move on too.


  1. Wow, Michelle. It's clear you found the right place in your brain since your response was spot-on. Well-handled!

  2. Where did that question come from? God gave you the right answer and He gave her a distraction to take her mind off her "worries". We all need to turn those worries and problems over to God and let Him handle them. The problem is: we always take them back the next moment and think that we can/should handle them. Praying that you can turn your worries and problems over to God and let Him do the worrying. Love ya, Mom

  3. Delightful recollection of a wonderful moment!

  4. Your daughter is lucky to have you as a mom.

  5. What a sweet moment. It is so funny how they can turn on a dime in their thoughts but often it lingers for us.

  6. yes. We so share similar experiences, it makes me wonder how many children across the world asked their parents about dying yesterday . . . And the range of responses :-)


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