Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SOLS: I Need to... I Want to... I Will

Like I need a new challenge.
I want to do it, but . . . is it the right time?
Hmm . . . When is it ever a good time?  I will do it.

Yesterday, Ruth shared about the Write Fifteen Minutes A Day (WFMAD) challenge hosted by Laurie Halse Anderson. Laurie explains that this writing doesn't have to be shared, and blog writing shouldn't count because we are thinking of our audience.  It's time to grab my writer's notebook and a snazzy pen.  I did it. I wrote for fifteen minutes last night and I thought it would make a great slice of life.  So, in this case I am sharing it!  Here's a peek into my first entry for this challenge:

8/1/11  New Challenge

Write for 15 min. a day

I need this - for me.  To open my writer's notebook. To record. To jot. To dabble. To plant seeds.

I'm a "real-life" writer. I write what's close to my heart, full of emotion.  I have never tried writing fiction. It doesn't seem to interest me much. I read what authors like Ruth and Kate go through to allow characters and stories to develop.  That takes heart, time, patience.  I need immediate satisfaction.  I'll stick to my kind of writing today.

Thinking about tomorrow's slice of life.  Deb had a great poem she wrote last week: a need to, want to, will do list for the rest of summer.  I need to start thinking about school -- feeling overwhelmed with all my personal professional development and learning that I've been engrossed in this summer.  Probably would be smart to record my goals for the year.  What do I want to change?  Improve?  I'm thinking I need an action plan.  Too much to think about at 9:30 at night.

Back to the poem:

I need to
organize those ever-growing piles

I want to
read lots more children's books and PD books

I will
spend as much time with my girls
before major separation anxiety sets in
for all three of us!

Almost fifteen minutes of writing.
And I have my slice of life writing ready to go!


  1. I don't know if you noticed it or not, but your last three lines could be placed under all three headings. You NEED to, WANT to and WILL spend as much time with your girls...the important people get to be in ALL the lists!

  2. I'm going to try the 15 minutes too, Michelle, and it will help me start a new writers notebook for the coming year. You have replayed so many teachers' thoughts about now: too many disorganized piles, people to spend extra time with before evaporation, and so on. Good luck with the writing!

  3. I have been having a tough time committing to 15 minutes per day. I am not sure why because I think I write a lot more than that every day. Thanks for taking the plunge and encouraging me to do the same.

  4. Nice MIchelle. I'm trying the 15 minutes too--but my mind is having trouble writing today. I may have to be like my students and write "I don't know what to write today" over and over and over....

  5. Your comment about not feeling the urge to write fiction, resonated with me. Like you, I am an immediate satisfaction kind of girl. Enjoy the rest of the summer, and have fun putting your thoughts down...15 minutes at a time.

  6. Go girl! 15 minutes doesn't sound so much but it is a challenge to commit to it every day. Looking how you embrace different challenges I think that one day you will try writing fiction too. When you are ready.

  7. Nice post! I feel a lot of your same feelings about summer ending and I'm also a "real-life" kind of writer, so your thoughts really resonated with me! Good luck with the 15-min a day thing, you're braver than me! :-)

  8. Loved your poem! You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself in your writing. I can feel the depth of your emotions and feelings (I don't think it's just because I'm your mother). 15 min. a day - a good way to get back in the swing of things to start a new school year. We'll have to work on getting organized next week! Love ya, M


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