Tuesday, July 17, 2018

{delightful messages of joy} #sol18

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Every evening, we take our Harley-dog for a family walk. The girls are never too excited about just walking the neighborhood. Thankfully, they are creative and fun, and figure out a way to manage the boring walk.

Some days they decide to hop on their scooters.
Some days they create a game along the way full of hops, steps, and jumps -- worth points.
Some days they ride their new bikes.
Some days they guess and then count the number of steps until the next shade tree.
Some days they roller blade.

But, tonight, they grabbed a bag of chalk. All along the sidewalks through the neighborhood they left delightful messages of joy ...

Messages of joy: Love, Be amazing, Enjoy the sunshine, Be Awesome, Smile, Never give up,
Learn new things, Follow your dreams, and for the dogs: Wag your tail! And lots of smiley faces too!


  1. This is a wonderful memory to capture! I love the creativity of your daughters and that they chose to spread positive thoughts around. They will probably look back later in life and realize how much they actually loved those “boring” family walks with the dog.

  2. What joy they must bring to your neighbors when they encounter these messages! They sure know how to liven up a boring walk!

  3. Such a lovely idea. How wonderful for others to walk and find the messages.

  4. What a great way to brighten the day of those who follow.

  5. Not only did it make the walk more enjoyable for the girls, but I'm sure they made others smile along the way. Did Harley want to help? Love ya, Mom


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