Tuesday, October 3, 2017

{book bonds} #sol17

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Books have created an amazing bond between us.

It's that special time we get to sit, side-by-side, snuggled in close with a book shared between the three of us.

The story, the characters, the laughs, maybe even a few tears.

The information, the interesting facts, the surprises, the I-didn't-know-that!

Favorite authors, amazing illustrators, continued reading in a series, brand new titles.

We read and reread. Some titles again and again and again.

My daughter P.'s goal is to checkout a book from her library at school that I haven't read yet that she thinks I will love as much as her. Her book choices are always exciting. And stretches me from my reading zone.

My daughter M. can't wait to find that next book that will either make me laugh silly or sob cry tears. She's more about the extreme emotions. Always checking my response to the books.

Book time together with my seven year old daughters is precious time that I hope continues on and on for years and years and years to come.

Books have created an amazing bond between us.


  1. So beautiful! It is wonderful to have this special time together.

  2. Enjoy these special moments for they pass all too quickly. You have created two distinct personalities, each with the desire to share your love of reading. Love ya, Mom.

  3. What a delight to share these book moments with your girls! I loved it when my daughter called me from a babysitting job to share a book. It was Cynthia Rylant's The Scarecrow. And now we share books with baby Jack. This is a love that continues on and on and it will with your girls too.

  4. Now that two of my three girls are in college these connections mean more than ever. When you take the time to build reading connections daily with your daughters it will come back as a gift. One of my daughters told me she wanted me to read two titles she was reading for her Palestinian / Israel conflict class. Now I get to have conversations with her based on the books she’s reading 10 hours away! I’m so grateful for the time I spent side by side when they were young.

  5. Sweet memories for them! They will talk about these moments all their lives.


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