Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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I started reading Ruth Ayres' free preview of her new book ... Enticing Hard-To-Reach Writers as a teacher ... and then her words spoke to me as ...

A writer.

You see, Ruth and I go way back. (She maybe doesn't remember it.)


My babies were not even a year old and one February day during nap time for my girls, I stumbled upon the TWT blog.

Ruth enticed me then ...

I started a blog. I started writing. I just started and didn't quite understand why because really, what new mom of twin babies has any time for anything -- let alone time to write?!?

But I was enticed, invited, encouraged. I joined the Slice of Life Story Challenge that March with an amazing group of writers, many of whom are still around writing today.

I write because it's my story to tell.

Fast forward to today ... another Tuesday, another Slice of Life. It's been a few weeks since I wrote in a notebook or on my blog.

But there's Ruth ... again ... enticing me to just write.

Her stories are amazingly REAL and raw. She makes me laugh. She makes me cry. She makes me feel like I'm not alone in this mother-teacher-writer world ... that at times can be hard.

I have to believe that my words matter so that I can encourage my writers that their words matter. And our words collectively can make a difference in this world.

Thank you, Ruth, for yet again enticing me to write tonight.

One of the MANY embedded inspiring Tweets to share in the preview copy!


  1. Beautifully written! I am also a mom of twins and never thought to share my stories on paper or in cyberspace! (They are now Freshmen in high school!) I read parts of Ruth's advance copy and was inspired as well. As I was preparing students new Writer's Notebooks, I wrote a quick note inside - one of the lines was "Your words matter!" They are wrapped and ready for our writing celebration tomorrow! Keep up the great work!

  2. So glad you were enticed to write and found the time. Your words matter to so many here in this community and in your classrooms and to us. When the girls are older, they will so enjoy all of those exception posts about them! Love ya, Mom

  3. Your words make a difference too.

  4. I am touched by your post. Thank you so much, Michelle.

  5. Me again.
    Powerful sentence..."I write because it's my story to tell."


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