Tuesday, June 21, 2016

{the lake} #sol16

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We moved into our new home six weeks ago.  It still feels like we are on vacation.  The extra space and bathrooms and newness of it all.  Our main living space is free of boxes and everything has a place. Of course, the "Honey Project To Do List" will grow as we settle in.  But for now, we enjoy it, not worrying about the flowery wall paper or hanging brass chandelier.   As our "forever home," we'll have time to make changes and update.

For now, we enjoy the newness of the neighborhood.  We moved a couple blocks away from a neighborhood lake.  When we agreed to purchase this home, I promised the girls that our goal was to walk at least one time around the lake every day this summer.  It was initially proposed to enjoy this new landscape and stop by the park half-way around the lake.  Now it's essential to head out every day to get me moving! (It was a stressful year ...)

I originally thought the girls would ride their bikes or scooters, and I'd walk along following behind.  But they have taken to walking beside me. We talk as we make our way around the lake.  We notice.  We wonder.  We ask questions. We ponder. 

Today, P. suggested that we write a book together.  I agreed, but questioned what we would write about in our book.

"Actually, we will write TWO books together.  I want to write a book like "Some Birds" and you can pick an idea for the other book," P. responded matter-of-factly.

Me?  I just smiled.  I love this time together, just me and the girls, walking around our lake.


  1. Love this lake walk - what a gift to each other! We moved in November, and your description of how it feels was spot on!

  2. Nice! My 5 year old wants to join me for walks too. They aren't exercise when she does, but I love her company!

  3. A special time of togetherness - just Mom & her girls. Can't wait to read P's book - maybe she'll be an author one day??? The house, the lake, the neighbors are all great and I know you'll enjoy it more and more each day. Hugs, Mom

  4. God is so good. Love that He brought you through a stressful year, has blessed you with a new home in a wonderful neighborhood, and has given you so many precious moments with your family.


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