Tuesday, September 1, 2015

{a new chapter} #sol15

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Have I told you lately how thankful I am for this community?  I appreciated your words of encouragement, your tweets of wondering, and your silent prayers for us as we started a new chapter in our lives: Kindergarten.

Last Tuesday was an amazingly difficult, yet celebratory day as my twin daughters marched into school ready to take on the world ... or at least kindergarten.  I cried tears of joy and tears of worry as I walked away, leaving my 'baby' girls with strangers that I did not know.

I had to trust the very same system that I encourage other parents to do at my school.  Trust without even thinking or knowing.  Being on the other side as a parent has brought a new perspective on my thinking as a teacher.  And then I remembered ...

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Those two girls are my whole world.  We survived that first day of school and four more days since.   I didn't do it alone.  Your comments, Voxer messages, and DM tweets throughout the day lifted me up.  I also recently found out that my neighbor and other friends said they see the girls every day when they pick up their children.  Such a relief to know they see familiar faces during the day.  A calming thought knowing they are being looked after.

Their Daddy and I picked them up after the first day of school, and they both agreed emphatically, "Kindergarten is way more better than preschool!"  Every day they are excited about going to school.  
And then just yesterday I was told, "Mommy, you picked us up too early! We want to stay!"  I guess that's a good problem to have!  



  1. Such a fun, exciting time for them and for you (even though it can be scary and traumatic at times). Each day a new adventure and challenge. Thanks for sharing those moments. Love ya, Mom

  2. Michelle, I'm right there with you this year. It's so hard. Maddie, too, loves kindergarten. She is happy, and that eases my worry a lot. I'm learning to trust the system, too. It's so strange being on this side.

    1. I'm so glad Maddie loves Kindergarten too!

  3. A friend once told me that its our love and nurture that allows our children to become independent and let go of our skirt hem. You have given your daughters lots and lots of love.

  4. I love that Kindergarten is "way more better than preschool." That's awesome!

    I'll be looking to you and Dana when I go down this road next year. I'm already scared.

  5. That's a great problem to have! Well done all of you - Mom and Dad for setting the stage for a successful launch into kindergarten, and kiddos for being so brave.

  6. That's a great problem to have! Well done all of you - Mom and Dad for setting the stage for a successful launch into kindergarten, and kiddos for being so brave.

  7. Wonderful problem, Michelle. I remember when my granddaughter (last year in Kdg.) began to ask to stay in after care so she could play with her friends. It was rather a blow, but good, too. I've read of you sending your little ones off into this new world, and others saying goodbye at college. Parents have hard steps to take, yet we wouldn't want it any other way really. Glad that they are having a wonderful start! That says something good about the teachers and the parents!

  8. We know that we're doing a good job when our kids leave happily. It's hard, though! Wait until they head off to college and then you REALLY have to trust the system and THEM! Glad to hear they love kindergarten.

  9. So glad things are going well. I have thought of you often!


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