Tuesday, December 16, 2014

{sols} tick tock

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I'm still trying to figure it out.  {Tick. Tock.}

I know there is no magic schedule or formula.

But, how do you do it all?  Balance everything in life?  {Tick. Tock.}

I'm just trying to be the best mom and wife and teacher ...

Time for home and school.
Time for reading.
Time for writing.
Time to just be in the moment.
Time for you.  And you.  And you.
{Tick. Tock.}

Time for just me.
Time for reading the Bible.
Time for exercise.
Time for blog reading.
Time for Twitter, Pinterest, You-Name-It.
{Tick. Tock.}

Time for planning.
Time for PD growing.
Time for fun.
Time for slowing down.
Time for to-do lists.
{Tick. Tock.}

Time for cleaning.
Time for organizing.
Time for laundry.
Time for grocery shopping.
Time for just-for-fun shopping.
{Tick. Tock.}

Time for browsing.
Time for talking.
Time for sleeping.
Time for enjoying the company of friends.
Time for praying.
{Tick. Tock.}

I understand there is always some give and take.  There is always time for this and not for that.  Priorities are made, and they change day to day.  And do you ever notice that everything takes way longer than you think?!?

Always time to forget.  Little time to remember.  Time for time.

Sometimes I wish there was a magic formula and schedule.

Then I wouldn't have to take time to try and figure it out.

{Tick. Tock.}

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  1. It is even scarier that I seem to hear tick-tock now, after my big work chunk is gone. I can only imagine all your wonderful things that you need to balance. Hopefully...Christmas will bring some breathing moments xo.

  2. Breathe, in, out. Slow exhale. One step at a time. Probably the most important thing to remember - let God direct your path - you can't do it alone. When we accept the fact that we can't do it ALL on own, then we can achieve a balance. It may not be the way we want it to be, or to achieve all that we want, but to accept what we can do, with God's help and direction. Hugs. Love ya, Mom

  3. Your slice speaks to many. I think sometimes that balance is an illusion that doesn't really exist, (unless you are a yoga teacher) I like the idea and phrase that Clare and Tammy introduced: Rotated neglect. It has helped me to let go of some things without feeling too bad. Your mom gives you very good advice too. Breathe. Hugs from me too.

  4. When you figure out the magic formula, Michelle, let us in on it, please? You remind me of all the things I need to focus on at this busy time of year!

  5. The rhythm of your piece sent my pulse racing. I have been thinking that I spend too much time reading on my iPad...that it's taking away from my book reading. But, then I'm writing more than I would without it. To me, everyone else makes time look so easy and I think I make it so hard. I take a walk in the morning and say a little prayer that I make good use of the precious minutes of my day.

  6. I wish I had an answer for you. The only thing I can say is do the IMPORTANT stuff first. Time for reading and praying and being in the presence of the Abba Father. Time with your husband. Time with your girls. You will have plenty of time for the less important stuff later.


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