Tuesday, December 2, 2014

{sols} ella arrives

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We were away for five days over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Enjoying time with my parents.  Warmer temperatures.  Lots of rest and relaxation away from all the busyness of life at home.

But that meant for a crazy busy Sunday afternoon after we returned home.

Unpack the car.  Sort.  Unpack the bags.  Put away.  Start laundry.   Repeat until complete.

And then I remembered that Monday was December first.  The day our elf was due to arrive.

Add that to the to do list.

A quick trip to the grocery store with the girls for what I planned on "only the essentials".  We ended up with more, so we were offered help out.  I had never accepted help before, but with a full cart and two little shoppers, we needed an extra cart and the assistance.

"That would be wonderful. Thank you," I replied.
"What's he doing, Momma?" P. asked.
"Why is he getting another cart?" M. wondered.
"He's going to help us bring the extra groceries to our car.  Isn't that nice?"  I explained to the girls.
Less than a minute later we were headed out the door and P. whispered to me, "Mom, you know how Grammy talked about doing kind things for others?"
I nodded in agreement as she began to slowly point toward the gentleman assisting us.  "He is doing something really kind for us."
"You are right ... " Smiling in amazement that she truly understood our conversation at dinner a couple nights before about being extra kind to others this holiday season.


We returned home.  The rush of putting away groceries.  Eating dinner.  Finishing laundry.  Making room for the Christmas tree.  Getting the girls ready for bed.  And then it was time to focus on Ella, our elf.

A quick peek on Pinterest for any last minute Ella ideas.  
Dig out Ella from one of the Christmas bins. (Which one is she hiding in?)
A letter written from Santa.  (Tweaked and printed.)
Another search on Pinterest ... searching for "random acts of kindness" ideas. (Thanks, Mom, for planting this seed.)
Edit the Santa letter.  Added the part about helping Ella make Christmas magic by being kind to others.  (Reprint.)
Print out "random acts of kindness" idea cards for kids. (Thank you, Pinterest! Cut out.)
Wrap the pajamas.  (Ella arrives with a new pair of pajamas.)

Ella wasn't hiding on December first.  She was right there in the center of the kitchen counter.  Smiling with excitement about the Christmas magic and joy that is to come.

Whew.  And that was only December first.  Twenty-four more days to go.

And I am excited about all the extra kindness that is to come this month.


  1. Sweet moment with the shopping cart. <3
    What a wonderful tradition you have with your family. Sounds fun!

  2. I think Ella will work some magic this Advent season. The girls will pick up on this and will continue to RAK throughout the year (with a little encouragement). Great example at the grocery store. I am so amazed by the girls as to how much they retain and understand. Love ya all, Mom.

  3. Wow! What an amazing mom you are! What a special tradition for your girls! I can't even imagine how much work this was after a day of driving and grocery shopping and then on Sunday night when Monday school stuff is looming! I love that you are focusing on what they can give to others, as opposed to simply the "getting" part. Wonder how I could do this with my guys. Wonder how I could do this for me!

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun, Michelle, & the beginning of learning to give to others. I love hearing about your traditions.


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