Tuesday, November 25, 2014

{sols} giving 100 thanks

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Over a month ago, I received this personal invitational tweet:

Yes, a little challenge.  I'm not one for a blogging challenge.  I apologize to anyone who has offered up a challenge in the past and I miserably failed by doing nothing.

This was one little challenge that I wanted to do ... it just took the right time to complete it.  This little challenge was to share 100 that I am grateful for and right now felt like the right time to share my list.  Thank you, Terje, for your little challenge.

Here it goes ... 100 things I am thankful for.  Right now.  In this moment.  In no particular order.

  1. My God
  2. My hubby
  3. My two beautiful daughters
  4. My Mom and Dad
  5. My brother and sister-in-law
  6. My church small group
  7. My friends
  8. My PLN via #twt #sol #twitter #pinterest
  9. Colleagues and educators that keep me thinking
  10. Smartphone (and I thought I really didn't need it)
  11. Crystal Light Ice Tea
  12. Hat and gloves
  13. Rain on the sound machine
  14. Sleeping through the night
  15. Books
  16. My daughters' love of books
  17. My cute cape cod home
  18. New siding
  19. All four seasons
  20. My job
  21. Days off with my family
  22. Holidays
  23. Holiday lights
  24. Planning ahead (just ordered Christmas cards, yeah!)
  25. Time with my Mom and Dad
  26. Snuggles and hugs
  27. Warm blankets
  28. Slippers
  29. Sunny days
  30. Anything chocolate
  31. Pants that fit just right. Pants that fit. Period.
  32. Clean sheets
  33. Sunday afternoon naps
  34. Quiet
  35. The excuse of why my house is a little messy. (Thank you girls.)
  36. The morning text and prayer from my Mom
  37. A new book
  38. Time to read that new book (rarity ...)
  39. Pinterest ideas
  40. "I thought of you" Pinterest shares
  41. A new notebook
  42. The perfect pen
  43. Organization
  44. A beautiful quote
  45. Books on CD for the car ride to school
  46. Mocha frappé
  47. Making memories with my girls
  48. Praise music
  49. Good smelly candles
  50. Good smelly lotions
  51. A crackling fire in the fireplace
  52. Time to "catch up"
  53. Providing a Thanksgiving meal for a family
  54. A home cooked meal made by someone else
  55. A clean house
  56. Christmas lights
  57. Clear starry night
  58. Glistening, white snow falling
  59. Hearing my girls just laugh and laugh
  60. Hearing "I love you Mommy" just because
  61. Always learning
  62. Word games
  63. Board games
  64. Making simple crafts
  65. Chapstick
  66. Warm infinity scarf
  67. My hubby running to the library to pick up my books on hold
  68. For those times I say "yes" to my girls
  69. Opportunities to be a better mom and teacher
  70. My earrings that always fit
  71. My faith bracelet
  72. When my hubby does the laundry
  73. Watching a kids movie with my girls (even if it is Frozen for the millionth time)
  74. A warm home
  75. Heat seats in my car
  76. Outdoor walks
  77. Fresh air
  78. My church
  79. Family pictures
  80. Saturdays with nowhere to go and an open schedule with nothing planned
  81. Sleeping in
  82. Purple. Yep, purple.
  83. Goodnight kiss
  84. A hot shower
  85. Good neighbors
  86. Peppermint tea
  87. Text messaging
  88. Fall decorations 
  89. Christmas decorations
  90. When I have nails to paint
  91. Free babysitting from family
  92. Wednesday date nights with my hubby
  93. Blogging and the TWT community
  94. Writing my stories
  95. Reading your stories
  96. This season of my life. Right now. 
  97. The Thanksgiving season
  98. A reminder to be thankful
  99. Terje's little challenge
  100. Time. Time to reflect on all that I am so thankful for. Right now.

Some things are little.  Some things are big.  It doesn't matter.  There is so much to be thankful for. Right now.

Are you up for a little challenge this week? 


  1. The blessings God has given us that are always there for us, if only we take the time to notice them, enjoy them and share them with others. Looking forward to your visit. Be safe. I'm thankful for you, my special daughter and friend. Love ya, Mom

  2. Awesome list Michelle... I'm sure we all have 100 or more things to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to you, the girls and hubby! I hope I will see you soon! XO

  3. That's a wonderful list, Michelle - so much to take joy in.

  4. I love these lists. It's impossible to read them without smiling. I am so happy you wrote and shared your list. Hug.

  5. What joy to step back from life and count all the blessings that fill our lives. We are blessed!

  6. I thought I was too tired to write and comment tonight, but I am now smiling and rejoicing after reading two different blogs with 100 things to be grateful for! Clean sheets and faith bracelet....Terje really had the great idea when she challenged us! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  7. You are so filled with JOY! What a precious list!


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