Tuesday, November 19, 2013

sols: want to write

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I want to write but
my brain is heavy
with all that
needs to be done.

I want to write but
those report card
comments and graphs
need to be completed.

I want to write but
the binders of running records
and conferring notes
need to be analyzed.

I want to write but
the two chapters of
our district book study
needs to be reviewed.

I want to write but
that big black bag that
I drag home every night
needs to be organized.

I want to write but
Twitter and Pinterest
easily distract my
need to be connected.

I want to write but
the stack of books
(waiting patiently)
need to be read.

But, the truth is --

I need to be creating
a Tuesday slice
all because
I want to write.


  1. Facing some of the same things over here, so I wrote, too. May just get some extra sleep and tackle the to-do list tomorrow!

  2. This poem is fantastic! I think we all are under this pressure most days, and I like how you captured it so succinctly.

  3. And you wrote. Oh, you, master of word craft and thought. You will get all the other things you need to do done too.

  4. You have such a talent for finding just the right way to say it. I'm glad you were able to write today.

  5. I suspect many could have communicated this, Michelle, but not in your wonderful style! Love it!

  6. So busy, so many things to accomplish that must be done, so many hugs and kisses to give, so many books to read and yet you find the time to create something special. Your writing helps to put everything else into the right perspective. The rest of your "must do's" will be accomplished in due time. Love ya Mom

  7. I so agree with all of your words. My bag, binder, and books call me too! Have a great week!


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