Tuesday, April 30, 2013

sols: unplugged

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Maybe you've heard . . . it's annual Screen Free Week.

Time to turn off the TV, iPad, laptop, iPhone.
Don't scratch the Twitter, Pinterest, blogging itch.
All.  Week.  Long.

Time to turn ON life!
Notice, read, write, draw, daydream, relax.
Your goal?  Get unplugged.

Be with family.  Play a game.  Sing and dance.
Go outside.  Take a walk.  Fly a kite.
Read a book.  May I suggest hello!  hello! by Matthew Cordell?

It doesn't have to be all or nothing.
Limit when you can.  Limit what you can.
Take a step back.

Enjoy the disconnect.
You are not missing anything --
except life p a s s i n g you by . . .

Be free.
It's good for the soul.


  1. Isn't it amazing how "hooked" we all are on being connected by all modes of technology? It's frightening to think that we have to set aside a week to remind us to "unplug" and actually see and hear what is going on around us. Thanks for the reminder . Love ya M

  2. Such a good message again Michelle . . . ENJOY the simple things . . . ENJOY those precious moments ;-)

  3. I can predict this week becoming more and more important over the years to come. Maybe instead of one week there could be unplug weekends. Enjoy your screen free time.

  4. Have a good week. Love that 'hello, hello'!

  5. Sweet book trailer - I need to show that to my students again. The good news is that S "just wants to be outside" instead of at school. Maybe I can build in 10 minutes of sunshine into our afternoons? Just thinkin....

  6. I especially love the line, "Time to turn ON life!" Limiting technology/decreasing the amount of time we spend plugged in is something that I have been reflecting on a lot/a priority for my family right now, so I loved your poem!

  7. Or here's an idea...go outside and chalk a poem! Love all these suggestions especially sing and dance. We do that everyday in my classroom, super fun!

  8. I love hello! hello! and your post is great! I've can't unplug at work, and didn't want to miss SOLC, but I haven't really watched TV. Enjoy your screen-free week!

  9. Michelle,
    Enjoy your screen free week. I've decided not to participate in a screen free week as I enjoy my time online and find it rather relaxing. I try to only do what I can online, but try to never feel obligated to post so many times, comment on so many blogs, or in other ways feel bound to the computer. I am, however, doing what you suggested, "Limit when you can. Limit what you can." All this talk does have me reevaluating the time I spend online and finding places to cut back.

    We both know I need a bit of time away to "write" --- in a notebook. **wink wink**



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