Monday, April 1, 2013


Of course, after a month of writing, I had to write today -- especially knowing that Tuesday is only a day away.  I borrowed yet another idea from several slicers for today's slice, er, I mean, post.

Some days I feel that I'm in my own little world, writing for me, and happen to have a few people I'm lucky enough to share my writing with on Tuesdays or throughout the month of March.  Then it dawns on me that it is bigger than that.  I'm leaving behind my words, my thoughts, my feelings, my story.

My story is also part of my digital footprint.  Here's what I wrote about this March leaving a deeper imprint into our ever growing digital world:

Thank you to Jennifer
who thanked Kay
who thanked Robin 
for sharing this awesome idea!  

I have played around with creating word clouds with wordle and recently played with Tagxedo and the ability to create word cloud shapes.  But little did I know that you can enter your url address and create a word cloud shape representing a website!

My hope is that you will continue to leave your digital footprint 
every week by participating and writing your 
Tuesday Slice of Life hosted at the Two Writing Teachers


  1. Oh, so clever and creative. Thanks for encouraging, writing and sharing and commenting. Hope you have a good day/week back after a long spring break. Looking forward to Tuesdays. Love ya, M

  2. Love the footprint idea, Michelle. I'm going to have to borrow a pc at school. My mac won't allow me to create these anymore-they've taken Java away. Love yours-don't you like that "girls" is right there?

  3. It was such a strange feeling not to write, not to comment today. So thank you for posting and giving me a taste of that flavorful slice. Love your footprint!

  4. Wow! I love your footprint Michelle! Very cool. Thanks for the shout out too! It seemed strange not to write yesterday. I'm glad you did it anyway. Thanks for sharing!


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