Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SOLS: Why I Write

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Why write?
Wow! Such a simple question 
with so many possible answers. 

I write for me. 
I write to capture a moment. 
I write to struggle through the process 
so that I can teach my students and 
help them find their voice.

Why do you write?  Here's what a couple of friends said:

Lucky for me!  I won this poster from the  Stenhouse Blog!


  1. You have such great minds to keep you company. Your reasons to write are equal to theirs. Keep capturing the moments. Happy writing!

  2. Ah, the answer to my question! Yes, you must have gotten a poster, too! It was a fun question to think about.
    Nice answer!

  3. Congrats on winning the poster. It's a fun question, isn't it?

  4. And I too won one, so I see that those writing so avidly for Two Writing Teachers have purely personal reasons for writing, and each is supported in that. There were a number of them sharing in those comments. Thanks for sharing Michelle.

  5. It is clear that you "get" what it takes to help students find their voices in writing. You are clearly an authentic teacher, and your students are lucky for your guidance!

  6. I enjoyed answering that question on my other blog - but your answer is closer to the answer I would give about why I write on my teaching blog.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.