Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feathers in my Brain

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June 28

Feathers in my Brain
(inspired by Jack, Mrs. Stretchberry,
and, of course, Ms. Sharon Creech)

I was in a funk.
My brain hurt.
Twitter overload,
I think.
I need an escape.

"In my head are so many
bells and buzzes and yips
all jingling and clanking around
bumping into each other.
Very noisy in my head."

Then . . .
to relieve me from
this stress and chaos
I picked up a book
to take me
on a journey.

Hate That Cat
by Sharon Creech
was the perfect
e  a  s  y
before the girls
woke up
from a nap.

I fell in love
with Jack again as
"he writes about . . .
the small ordinary moments
that you don't notice
until you read his poems."

My head was clear.
The funk had lifted and
I was feeling revived:
"I felt like there
were feathers
in my brain."
I was itching to write.

Love a good book
like I love to teach
I said I love a good book
like I love to teach
Love to read when I'm in a funk
love to say
"Thank you, Sharon Creech!"

[Words in italics are quotes from Hate That Cat by Sharon Creech.
Words that tickled my brain.]


  1. Those books are so, so good! I love that you wrote a poem in honor of them, and you captured the flavor to a T! That funk flew away in the poem too.

  2. Wow! I love when a reader really 'gets' a book!

    xx SC

  3. Great post! So glad you shared!

  4. twitter gives me more than feathers it gives me MAJOR pain I'd rather read your blog and 100 others :)
    How cool is it that Sharon Creech commented too!

  5. Love this poem. Twitter and Web 2.0 tools make me crazy too. Glad you found a way to lift the funk! Great post--and really cool that Sharon Creech commented!

  6. What a wonderful poem! It totally reminded me of Love That Dog and Hate That Cat. L loved the line about having "feathers in my brain".

  7. You impress me every time when you find a piece of writing ( a book or a blog post), get inspired and then create your own piece, making it all yours. This poem was super. I am so happy for you that Sharon Creech commented.

  8. Your words really evoke the rhythm of Jack's poetry in Sharon Creech's books. So glad your writing prowess was recognized!!

  9. I love Twitter but I was on Twitter overload yesterday, too. I went and read a book, too, to calm the chaos in my brain. Great poem!

  10. Sweeter than a tweeter, you've captured more in your jots than a blogger on blogspot. When you write with such heart authors show up at the start! May more blessings accrue for your thoughts so true.


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