Sunday, June 5, 2011

Book Recommendations: Inspiration for Aspiration

How are we going to get better at reading?  Yes, by reading and reading more! 

As a reading teacher, I'm always encouraging students to read:  Find an author you love and read all her books.  How about a series that intrigues you?  Read the whole set!  I dibble and dabble and share various titles and some of my old favorites.

But lately, I'm feeling a bit defeated.  Deflated.  De--not-so-sure about all those great books to share.

My fellow reading teacher, Chris, is a master chef when she's cookin' with books.  I want to 'grow up' to be just like her.  You know the type:  the "Netflix" guru of children's books.  She knows titles.  She knows authors.  She knows the first book, the sequel, the prequel, and any books in between.  She can retrieve all that information in a click of a button.  If you liked that, try this.  Have you seen this one? What about that?  You'll love it.  This is a good fit book for you.  She's a know-it-all when it comes to great books for kids.

I want to improve -- No.  I need to improve in this area.  As a teacher of kids, a teacher of reading, and a lover of books, I want the ease and exuberance of making recommendations like my colleague.  I want to participate with my students in book talks, author studies, and literature clubs.

I easily became obsessed with picture books:  Books that I adore.  Little Pea.  Characters that I love.  Stellaluna.  Pictures that amaze.  Swimmy.  A writer's voice that inspires.  The Memory String. A message never to be forgotten.  Something Beautiful.  So many possibilities.  So many ideas.  So many options to enhance my teaching of reading and writing through glorious picture books.

Yet, I need to be reacquainted and introduced to great books that I will add to my library and share with my students.  It's time.  I'm jumping back into the wonderful world of children's literature.  Hope to see you there!

Do you have any recommendations, suggestions, or ideas of great books that you love to share?

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