Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Birthday Celebration

Family and friends arrived with hands full of thoughtful goodies and gifts.  Hugs came with smiles of pure happiness.  Loud laughter echoing.  Constant chatter consuming.  Children floating inside and out.  Babies being bounced from here to there.  Everyone clamoring for their attention.  All trying to hear a giggle or see a smile.  Stunned looks on the babies' faces as they did not know what to think of all this excitement.  Joy in the celebration of our two beautiful daughters on their very first birthday.

One year full of . . .

smiles   giggles
playing  dancing
bathing     eating
     changing     changing
and more changing

     hopes  dreams

     waking   crying
     holding    snuggling
hugs     loving  

surprises     newness
     deep breathing

comfort.  relief.  peace.

two precious angels.  all our love.

one. full. year.


  1. So much for me to look forward to. Thanks for summarizing their year with such descriptive words!


  2. I like the combination of narrative with a poem...and a very lovely poem at that. You captured your first-year experiences beautifully and even though I don't have twins, I related very well as a mommy. I'm glad your girls had a wonderful celebration and hope you have many, many more to come!

  3. I'm so glad you're taking note of the wonder of your children. The time does go so quickly. I have a two year old grandchild now-two! A precious time, that you described so well. The way your poem goes is just like young children, never a dull moment!

  4. Really liked this, MIchelle. The prose section just reminded me of the chaotic happiness that is raising young children...and the poetry is wonderful and totally you. Wonderful post

  5. You've said it all! It was the first year full of joy and happiness and thanks to God for two such special girls. And now, there are many more to look forward to and to enjoy (too many to's!). I know I will!!! Love ya, M

  6. What a milestone. You wrapped up the first year perfectly. So many huge steps and many more to come. My personal favorite are the 2's. Happy belated birthday to your sweet little ones.

  7. You all have had a very full and active year. When you'll look at the poem in years to come you'll find that some verbs and nouns change but some stay there forever.Happy belated birthday!

  8. Oh Michelle...I love it! So hard to believe it's been one year...a year of pure joy that only these precious gifts called children give to us!!!

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