Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happiness is . . .

  • enjoying a glimpse of sunshine, a breath of fresh air, a jaunt around the block and the hope of spring-to-come
  • noticing the natural light of the day that is still looming at five o'clock in the evening
  • adoring a curious tilt of the head, a bellowing laugh, a coy smile, a slow blink of those much desired long eye lashes, and a sweet snuggle from my angels
  • watching one child learning to crawl and the other perfecting the art
  • being the one who is needed in the middle of the night for comfort
  • starting something new that I am passionate about
  • sharing that 'something new' with those I trust and respect
  • growing giddy with excitement as I peruse the comments of my first slice
  • loving going to work every day and knowing that I make a difference
  • connecting with my students, laughing and learning together, and having the utmost respect for each other
  • reading a student's blog that she decided to post from home instead of choosing to watch TV
  • finding a splendiferous children's book that I can't wait to share
  • opening and expressing my heart, my mind, and my soul through writing
  • spending time with the one I love . . . and it doesn't count when we are in the same room both quietly clicking away on our computers.
  • sharing a slice of life!

The Slice of Life Story Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Check it out!


  1. I love lists like this - especially the one about a student choosing to write instead of watch TV

  2. Love your list of metaphors. Do you remember the Peanuts comic strip? I still have my Happiness is a Warm Puppy book with Snoopy on the front cover. It is now a yucky old yellow but I still use it to turn kids on to metaphors. They start with "Happiness is . . ." lists and then usually go on to "Happiness isn't . . ." or "Sadness is . . ." You gave me some great ideas for upcoming slices! Thanks, Michelle.

  3. I love your descriptions of the little people in your life. I,too, remember the Charlie Brown book and there's a song too...


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