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{write now} #sos

Right now ...

I am at a loss for words.
My fingers are empty.
The white page taunts me and I return the blank stare.
And then I was reminded to just write.
Just write.
Just write.

Write now ...

The sun radiates the bright blue sky without a cloud in sight.
The warm breeze sending leaves dancing and cotton puffs floating.
The house is peacefully quiet, except the tick-tock tick-tock of the clock,
a lawn mower in the far distance cutting healthy green blades of grass,
And the girls voices traveling down the hall from their upstairs bathroom
together creating special art with their hair.

Simplicities of life.
Find them
in every moment.
That's how you
Just write.


  1. I love that picture of your girls, and that last stanza. Simplicities of life--yes.

  2. Yes simplicity in life and you just sat in the moment and noticed. That's writing and capturing life.

  3. You make the words flow so easily with "nothing" to write about. It's all about simplicity and the tiny joys in life. Thanks for sharing. Love ya, Mom

  4. Such wonderful advice! My writing has really been struggling lately!

  5. Sometimes it is a little nudge, a small invitation that we need to get the fingers moving and the words arriving. And the writing doesn't have to be grand - the ordinary moment, the right now, is plenty.


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