Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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So far, I haven't said too much because at first I had {no words} and then all I had was {today}.

It was time for a change. I just didn't know it was MY time. After a few weeks of reflection and the process of packing up my classroom, I've accepted my new role and transition to a new school.

My reading specialist role is changing. I'm now considered a "Literacy Interventionist" in my district. Sounds fancy, I know.

But really, my goal is the same: Improve student learning as readers, writers, and thinkers, and nurture the love of reading.

The location is what differs: Instead of working with the most developing readers, writers, and thinkers in my own space, I'll be working with classroom teachers and students in their space.

Oh, and all this in a new school too.  The learning curve just curved again.

I understand the benefits of both working in classrooms and working with students outside of the classroom. Of course, I'll be honest, I adore my own cozy room full of books and magic and connecting with readers and writers.

I'm open to the possibilities of what is to come, working with teachers and students in classrooms. I'll be reaching more students and working alongside teachers to be a thinking partner and to help students achieve their goals.

Change can be good, but change can also be hard.

Or, in my case, change can be hard, but change can also be good. I have to envision the positive.

For now, I appreciate time - time to reflect, to accept, to think, to plan, to read, to write, to ponder, and to dream forward.

And, so, with change, a new Pinterest Board was created: New Adventures!


  1. Lots of different feelings and thoughts going on in your life. Change is never easy, no matter what it is. Praying and knowing that everything will work out for the best. Just because it's a different title, a different school, a different format, the reason you are there is still the same - the kids and their development. Love ya, Mom

  2. Change is always hard, I love how you addressed that. I love how you said, my goal is still the same. I think we loose that mindset and get caught up in titles. You will do amazing!

  3. I hope this new school, new teachers, and new students appreciate what they are receiving! Change is never easy but with your positive attitude and your passion for what you do, big things will happen!

  4. In the new circumstances you will still be the best you and do all you can to help the readers - the way to approach change. You are strong. I hope that for some time this summer you can put school out of your mind and focus on you and your family only, enjoying the summer.

  5. Michelle, best wishes to you on your new position. It will be hard and good. God bless you as you get a chance to share your joy of reading and writing with so many adults and students this next year.


  6. Time, yes, time will help you wrap your mind around your new calling. I know you will do a magnificent job in your new role. Best wishes to you!

  7. Here's to change - because with it, comes loads of learning! All the best as you ponder and dream forward!

  8. I have no doubt you'll rise to the occasion of the new school, the new job title, and the new format, Michelle!

  9. Good luck, Michelle! You will be amazing at this new venture.

  10. Best of luck in your new school/role!

  11. You will LOVE it!!! Please reach out if you want to connect. We support coaches and interventionists in classrooms all the time. It might be an adjustment at first but it is so powerful. Have you read Jen Allen's book - https://www.stenhouse.com/content/becoming-literacy-leader-second-edition This is a great book for your role. She also has a webinar with Choice LIteracy. I cannot wait to read about your journey. Keep in touch!

  12. Good luck in your new(ish) role. I agree change can be hard but it can also be great. When my principal told me he was moving me from teaching K to 1st, initially I freaked out but then did what you are doing. Took the time to think, reflect, read, and plan. I love that quote too. We don't grow when things are easy!

  13. This will be great! I pray you enjoy your rest and time to plan and reflect. Good luck in your new role!

  14. "Thinking partner"...How wonderful it must be for teachers to have you as a thinking partner!


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