Tuesday, May 9, 2017

{excuses} #sol17

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And just like that three weeks fly by without writing a slice.
But I have excuses:

My brain is full and ready to share what's on my mind ... just not here.

Many changes happening in my district ... that I'm not ready to share.

New position on the horizon ... but I'm not sure yet.

My girls turned SEVEN ... and I still cannot believe it.

Kid parties, family parties ... oh, thank you cards to help write.

The every day to do list ... that never (ever!) gets shorter.

I know excuses shouldn't really matter.
So I'm back to writing a slice today.


  1. The balance of life is never easy. Just remember to enjoy those special moments with the girls as they will pass by way too quickly. Hugs, Mom

  2. Sometimes I share when I haven't fully formed a thought. (Read yesterday's nightmare) LOL It's funny. It was easier for me to post when I did it every day. I am thinking about making myself a schedule and also prewriting and holding them in my drive or in my wordpress drafts. It's ok to lapse, just don't let yourself quit. (I say for both of us)

  3. Seven!? Can't be. They were just babies. Happy Birthday to your sweet girls! New position - you make me curious. As for writing - well done for finding the vwords and time to write. I have lost my spark a bit.

  4. Time, time, time...this seems like a busy, busy, busy season. I cn't believe oyour girls are severn!!!!!!!!!!!!


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