Tuesday, January 24, 2017

{my one little word} #sol17

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Telling my story about my one little word has been easy to do in the past.  I mean, words have reached out and easily identified themselves as the one.  My focus, mission, living and breathing word for the year was right there.

This year has not been the same.

I thought I found my word.  I wrote all about it in my journal. Days later I questioned it. My thinking grew and changed. I questioned and contemplated.

Then another word came to me days later while I was driving home. The word was repeated in a song on the radio and hidden in a book title. The word was announced in a passage of scripture and heard in a commercial. Then I thought through the facets and layers of this one little word and what it would mean to me in 2017.

It's been two weeks. No other word has whispered in my ear. This word has lingered around.

I believe in it. I believe in the power and change this one little world will bring to my life.

My story is still being written and this year I need love.

Love my God first. Dedicate time and thought to His word.

Love myself more. It's time to focus on putting me first to eat right, exercise, and grow into my healthy body that is ... hiding.

Love my husband more. Love my girls more. Love everyone always.

Love is the one little word I need this year.
Love more <3:


  1. Great word. Love is something we all need more of both on the giving as well as the receiving end. Wishing you a year of love.

  2. A fabulous word: love. Everyone needs this now.

  3. I am intrigued by the word, more, perhaps more so than love. What does it mean to love more? Is it possible to have degrees or is love more encompassing? Some things to think about. Thank you.

  4. Love is probably the most powerful word one can choose. It can be gentle and strong at the same time. Love doesn't need to be grand. Sometimes it shows itself through small things. It is wonderful that love has no limits and can keep growing. Hugs to you!

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  6. Beautiful, Michelle.

    The love of God is great and strong; yes, we can speak of an ocean of love. That love gives us the strength to forgive and even to love our enemies. That love is a source of power and victory during the most terrible crises of our life, but also in everyday life. - Corrie Ten Boom


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