Tuesday, August 9, 2016

{olympic dreams} #sol16

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This summer Olympics has a new level of enjoyment.  This summer we introduced our girls to the amazing world of pure determination to be the best of the best in the world at your sport and represent your country yearning for a medal.

What a perfect opportunity to share a love a sport where you commit to practice and practice and more practice.  As you set into motion talent and commitment, there are visions of greatness and dreams of winning at the Olympics in front of the world.

The variety of sports -- from swimming to gymnastics to volleyball to fencing to soccer -- the men and the women, individuals and teams, every country, and all the excitement.

We have been addicted to watching. Staying up later. Watching in complete astonishment.  And answering lots and lots of questions, as our six year olds could easily win the "Gold" of asking great questions.

It has been amazing showing our girls greatness when the world around us has been less than. I don't think we have an aspiring Olympians ... yet. You never know what the future may bring.  But we will continue to watch in awe. Go USA!

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  1. It has certainly been an exciting Olympics so far. I'm sure the girls are enthralled with those gymnists and swimmers. Of course, the soccer players and volleyball players are pretty exciting too. Lots of hard work and effort put forth from each of them. Truly an inspiration to each of us. Love ya, Mom

  2. We love watching the Olympics too! A lot can be learned from the growth mindset of an Olympian!


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