Tuesday, December 3, 2013

sols: clothing concerns

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I woke up to the click of the light switch.  I thought to myself, "It is way too early."  Grabbing my glasses from my nightstand, I rolled over to face the clock, squinting at the fuzzy green glowing numbers.

5:24 AM.  "No," I whispered out loud.  I quickly threw the blankets off and climbed out of bed.

I walked down the hall to see the girls' bedroom light glowing beneath the door.  I quietly opened it to see P. slip beneath her covers and close her eyes.

I tiptoed over to her bed, noticing that M. was curled in a ball, still sleeping.

"P., honey, it's too early to be up.  Mommy and Daddy are still sleeping.  You need to go back to sleep for a little bit longer," I whispered in her ear as I ran my hand over her hair and slipped it behind her ear.  As she nodded in agreement, I stood up and kicked something on the floor by her bed.

"P.?  Did you take off your diaper?" I asked.  "Do you need to go potty?"

She whispered a yes, climbed out of bed, and followed me to the bathroom.  "Oh, and Mommy, I did all the buttons on the aqua shirt all by myself too," she told me proudly.

As we unzipped the new jammies with feet, she stopped me to explain why she was wearing a shirt underneath.  A hand-me-down shirt that was stuck in the back of the closet with three other shirts that were extras to keep on hand.  Yesterday they were discovered in the closet.  The newness was prevalent.  The girls wanted those shirts out of the closet, even if they were just extras.  They each coveted two of the shirts to wear this week.

P. was now wearing one of them under her pajamas.  I also realized that she has been awake for some time to accomplish so much.

"I want to wear this shirt today, not M.  So I put it on.  And Mommy!  I did it all by myself over my head!"  P. exclaimed.  (We are growing in our independence to dress ourselves, but sometimes putting the shirt on over our heads can be challenging, especially when you try to put your face through the hole first.)

"Is this why you are up so early?  Because you are worried about the clothes you want to wear?" I wondered out loud as I shook my head in disbelief.  "We can't be thinking about the clothes, and that reminds me, we should go back to our routine of picking out our clothes the night before school.  Let's take off the shirt."

"No!!!  I want it on!"  I was not going to fight this battle early in the morning.  I let it be.

P. settled back into bed for a little longer.  I was now up and awake.  I might as well use my time wisely, so for the second day in a row, I hopped on the treadmill and read more of Allegiant by Veronica Roth. (A celebration, right?)

A little later, as I was getting ready for the day, I pondered what this little story means for our future . . .

And was brought right back to reality when I heard M. screaming, "Mommeeeeeeeee!!!!  P. has my shirt on!!! Mommy!"


  1. I have 2 younger sisters, both close in age to me, and often shared clothes. I can remember getting to school and seeing my sister wearing a shirt of mine. I did not appreciate it! My own daughter, soon to be three, loves choosing her own clothes and I am sure this is how she would be if she had a sister!

  2. Oh that P, is a smart little girl. Well Michelle, all I can say is look out this is starting awfully early. But it does make an amusing slice for the readers. :-)

  3. I love this, and I think it's adorable. (Especially since I was still sleeping soundly at 5:30 this morning!) I applaud P. for thinking of a way to make sure she got the shirt first! I love that she was so tizzied up about it that she couldn't even sleep!!
    I didn't expect that ending - made me laugh out loud. (Again, because I was still sleeping...)
    Thanks for sharing this sweet story with us!

  4. You will love looking back on this moment in 10 years or so. These are the little details we forget as time passes.

  5. Precious moments...so early in the morning. I remember this growing up. My sisters and I are only a year a part...maybe it started way back when we were 3 also. But it definitely is a memory when we were in high school. My grand baby Sammie has to wear her princess dress, every single day. Em doesn't even fight about it with her. I think it is all a part of learning how to be independent. I just bet your twins are adorable! xo

  6. I was waiting for the discovery - but P. certainly is a clever one for planning ahead so shrewdly!

  7. I can just picture P doing this - our methodical thinker. She must have thought this thru for quite some time. I'm afraid this is only the very tip of the ice burg and you will have a definite challenge on your hands. Yes, I think choosing clothes at night could be the answer (at least for now). Maybe it was just P's way of getting you up to exercise and read! Love y'all Mom

  8. This is delightful and a little dismaying, too. :) My sister and I are 13 months apart. As the younger one I was always working to get my way so I understand the P. point of view. I am wondering how this ended up. Exercise builds our stamina for handling life so bravo for you! :)

  9. Yes, this is likely your future! Wonderful adventures, lots of lovely outfits, tons of clothes fights, and a some outfits you will want to forget! Maybe you should write them down, publish the book and use the money to shop for your girls who sound like they are on their way to be "clothes savy"!

  10. Oh my. It starts early, doesn't it?

  11. awww, they sound so sweet! Even though it's clear that you are not happy to be woken up, I love the joy that still shines through your love for them!

  12. My granddaughters (4 & 2) are already very particular, especially the older one-no buttons! Sorry you had to get up so early, but also have to say they are very smart to plan ahead this way.

  13. Little P. sounds like she already has amazing critical thinking and problem solving skills! Quite the clever little one! You will have so many more stories to cherish as they grow up. They will be so appreciative that you have taken the time to capture them.

  14. For me this slice was an early morning independence celebration. Loved how you captured the details and thoughts.

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  16. Sounds like the girls are on their independence trail and also aware of competing against each other for what they want. You captured the sweetness and he pride of the moment! So cute.


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