Tuesday, September 18, 2012

soLs: a new phase of life

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I think we are living it.

It's here.  Now.  

The times of struggle.

A tug-of-war between independence and control.

Resulting in constant frustration from both sides.

But so many stories to share

Testing, pushing, trying just one more time

To see what the response will be.

Slices of life to savor-- 

Even through gritted-teeth,

Holding back laughter

Or tears.

Those moments categorized by an age.

I think we're living the "terrible twos" 

Times two.


  1. And a glimpse into the future as they become increasingly independent beings. Hang in there!

  2. Yes, I do believe you are there and you have stated it so well in your slice. I especially love the line: "A tug-of-war between independence and control". It created an image in my mind of the struggles that not one you, but also the girls, are going thru. Hang in there, it will get better (some days more than others). Love ya, M

  3. There are so many lines in this that I love, such as "Even through gritted-teeth,/ Holding back laughter/ Or tears." I also especially loved the ending with the fun twist of times two. Even though I already knew that you had twins, it just adds and extra punch to the end - a great stand alone line. I enjoyed that you had a balance of emotions, showing the frustrations but the laughter that can also be not too far from the surface.

  4. Oh, those terrible twos!! I am here to say that every one of you will survive, and you will have many stories to laugh over in the years to come...believe it or not! And that "tug-of-war between independence and control" will , I'm afraid, go on whatever the phase. It's what makes parenting so interesting, I think.

  5. Oh, my. "Terrible twos" times two. Fortunately the joy is double also.

  6. Times two.
    Today is Wednesday.
    Was it better?

  7. The beginning of your poem hooked me and got me wondering: students or your children? What age? (I actually thought it was teenagers -- I guess there are a lot of similarities!) Try to do as much "savor"ing as you can, even in the midst of the "tug of war"s!

  8. Like several others- I read your piece and thought about teenagers. That tug of war between independence and control. Enjoy-- it goes way tooo fast!

  9. Ruth took my line, because remember I have a 3 year old granddaughter. They can understand much more, and remember everything, so you have to be so careful what you say-they will not forget. Anyway, each age has its 'gritted teeth' moments, & then those sweet ones too. What a great way to capture this time, Michelle, in "Testing, pushing, trying just one more time" and on. Thanks.

  10. I don't have kids, so I can be a slightly more positive voice here--I am sure that in addition to the developmental stage your girls are going through, the transition from summer to school year is currently compounding the issue. So, I am holding out hope for you that betters days are in your near future!

  11. Uh, oh! I think we are on the cusp of joining in on the "terrible twos" adventure as well! Except we are only times one! My son had terrible threes instead of twos..lots of good stories to share though I am sure! Hoping many blessings of patience and understanding come your way!

  12. This will be a fun poem to share with your girls when they are older, maybe when they have their own two-year-olds. I know that seems a million years away, but it will happen. Your punctuation decisions created powerful statements. Well done mama of two!

  13. I love your poem. You are inspiring me to give it a try for my blog. Have fun with the terrible twos. Each stage brings new excitement.

  14. This just made me chuckle when I read it Tuesday---didn't take time to comment though, sorry. My youngest grandson's are just entering this wonderful stage. It's much harder on the parent who wants well behaved kids. And in rereading, other commenters are right--it also sounds like teenagers! I am going through this with freshmen right now! Funny how some things don't change. All of them are just learning about their world and testing limits. You will all survive and in the meantime, we will enjoy your wonderful poems about wonders of twins!

  15. Terrible two's - three's or five's - really nothing like thirteen to eighteen! Breathe in, breathe out, take a bubble bath - not you, them!


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