Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SOLS: This Christmas

Slice of Life Stories hosted

This Christmas our family enjoyed time together celebrating the joy of Jesus' birth.
     Yet this Christmas was a little different than in years past.
This Christmas was also about our two one-and-a-half year old daughters.
This Christmas we cherished the magic of Santa Claus.
      Letters written, cookies shared, reindeer food sprinkled outside.
This Christmas we continued old traditions shared from our families,
      and began new traditions that will continue for Christmases to come.
This Christmas we delighted in observing the excitement and wonder of our girls,
     memories of pure happiness and joy captured in our hearts and minds forever.

However, this Christmas there was one little surprise for me under the tree.
     This Christmas I was in awe and in absolute disbelief.

This Christmas I unwrapped a gift just for me with no expectations.
     I opened the plain brown box and inside was a book.
This Christmas I was given a gift that was no ordinary book. 
     It was of a book of my slices. A 'published' compilation of my words.
This Christmas I felt like a kid again - a reminder that I believe in
     the magic, the thoughtfulness, the excitement. 

Thank you Mom and Dad
for sharing the magic and excitement of Christmas! 



  1. This sounds like the perfect present! Your parents are so creative. Now you are a published author. It seems like it was quite the memorable Christmas! :)

  2. What a fabulous gift. It says how proud they are of you. The memories you are making with your own girls. What joy you described.

  3. What a fabulous gift. You have very smart parents. I'm also a little jealous!

  4. This was a fantastic surprise gift. May-be this could become a tradition. Keep writing.

  5. What a lovely gift! Your suprise and joy come through loud and clear.

  6. What a great gift! It is always so exciting to receive a gift like that, especially when it is unexpected.

    I loved hearing about you considering traditions for your family.

  7. This Christmas was indeed special! Your parents are awesome.

  8. How wonderful to have a book of your writing. What great parents. :)

    Enjoy the rest of the week with your family.

    Happy New Year,

  9. I've heard about so many wonderful gifts, but this goes to the top, Michelle! You must have been so surprised & grateful to your parents. They must be thoughtful indeed!

  10. Children certainly make Christmas even more special. They keep getting better each year too. I loved your special gift. What a great way to remember your first year of blogging....such a special treasure.

  11. No better gift!! I envy you. I know I could print my own stories, but to have someone else do it because they know you, love you, and want to inspire you is the greatest gift!!

  12. We are so happy that this book of your Slices made this Christmas so special. You are an excellent writer and we are so very proud of you and all that you have accomplished. We are especially enjoying our week with you and the girls! Keep writing and expressing yourself. Love ya bunches, M & D

  13. You are published!! What an amazingly special gift. Each Christmas with those baby girls will be more and more fun and memorable. I hope we get to read about them in your next edition of slices.
    and look I got to comment right below your mom!

  14. What a truly thoughtful surprise! If that isn't encouragement to keep it up, I don't know what is! Your parents have good reason to be proud and supportive. I am itching to hear your thoughts if you found time to snuggle up and reread your words from the year. I am too nervous to go back!

  15. Parents - you and yours - know the best gifts! What a great idea.

  16. Hi Michelle! Quick question, do you know how your parents made your slice of life entries into a book? Did they order it through a website? I kind of want to try to do this for a friend of mine! :)
    jee young


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